June 11, 2015

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  • I think that my crew was pretty tired this morning because we all slept as long as we could this morning.  It was a good thing that pop tarts were on the breakfast menu today because that is all that we had time to eat.  Keaton and Whitman even had to finish their meals in the car.
  • We picked Grannymom, Lilli and Cash up and headed to the zoo.  A few days ago, I showed Keaton a picture of a zebra and asked her what it was.  She replied that it was a dragon which made our trip to the zoo today necessary.
  • Whitman was really into our zoo visit.  He was quick to tell me if he couldn't see something.  His favorite part was feeding the fish and seeing the grizzly bears.  I do believe that all of us enjoyed the grizzly bears-they moved around more today than I have ever seen them.  At one point, the bear came close to the glass and Whitman put his hands over his mouth!
  • We did a quick route around the zoo and then headed to Lilli's park to eat lunch.  Grandpa met us with lunch and the kids must have been pretty hungry since they were quick to come running when we called them for lunch.  They played for a bit...and when it was time to go, some of the kiddos started fussing so I was quick to make everyone get into the car.  I made it clear that we were not going to talk to people like they were talking to each other and continued that we were a team and when some of us messed up, it effects everyone.  
  • And I wanted everyone to understand that I was serious about good behavior especially since we were going to see Beebee next.  The kids were all very good actually.  We don't stay long there but when I looked at my phone to check the time, I was surprised about how long we had been there.  Maybe Whitman is starting to get a bit easier so that makes our time at Beebee's place seem to go better...or maybe it is because he can now find the candy box, open the lid, pick out his candy, open the wrapper and eat it without any help now!  So I do just let him eat candy the entire time.
  • Once at home, I tried to pack and spent way too much time working on that and accomplishing nothing else and really no packing was finished either.  Hopefully tomorrow I will feel packed for our Branson trip at least.
  • The afternoon flew by because at supper the McGuires and Penningtons (minus April and sickly Ethan) came over to eat supper.  I had made plenty of food-Mexican casserole, cheese dip, salsa, beans, rice and delicious blueberry cobbler.  It was all really good or maybe it was all really good because all of the kids ate outside and the adults had a pleasant and quiet supper inside!
  • The kids played and played all evening long until they finally decided to watch a movie.  My Graham messed up quite a bit this afternoon so when he spit his drink out on Reagan (who probably deserved it) he was sent to bed early in the evening.  It wasn't crazy early but sometimes you just need to teach a lesson and I am pretty sure that he will have learned a lesson (or at least he will have learned to not spit out your drink on your sister!) 

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