June 13, 2015-Happy 50th Anniversary Grannymom and Grandpa!

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  • Last night when I blogged the kids were all watching a movie and it was getting late.  When I had finished blogging, I went to check on everyone and Keaton was asleep on the couch, Campbell was almost asleep and then I walked back to my bedroom.  On the way, I remembered that I didn't see my Whitman and went back to look for him.  So at almost 10 last night, I found my 2 year old playing happily upstairs with his trains-I think that he could have stayed up and played for at least another hour but he was quickly put to bed.
  • The others went to sleep all in their bedroom and must have slept pretty well.  Graham was the first one up this morning and headed straight to his kindle.  Robby and I were soon up and it was a bit like we had ADD-he would work on this, I would work on something else, then he would move on to something else, I would come along and finish what he had started, he would start working on something that I had started and on and on we went like that until I realized that it was time for me to leave.
  • Lilli had swim team practice this morning so Reagan and I dropped her off.  The plan was for us to go to Pennys on the way home and spend my coupon but that silly store doesn't open until 10.  Reagan was going to get to be the spender of my coupon so she was probably the most disappointed-it is not often that we go shopping alone!
  • Back at home we headed.  Robby and I continued our craziness-cleaning up and packing is mainly what we were trying to get accomplished I am sure that we were able to do some!  I asked my little girls if they wanted to go with Whitman to play at Nonna and Pops' house and they thought that was a wonderful idea.  So we loaded up along with Reagan and I dropped them off-the girls had on their pjs and Whitman was just wearing his diaper but he didn't seem to mind.
  • Reagan and I went to Dana's church (where Grannymom and Grandpa had their 50th wedding anniversary party today) and joined Dana and Lilli in getting ready for the party.  We worked Reagan and Lilli pretty hard.  I would get a tray and food out and have them fill it up and as soon as they were finished with that tray, I would have another tray ready for them to fill.  We even finished in time to sit for a few minutes before everyone started arriving.  
  • Anderson and Graham came with Robby in the middle of a rainstorm.  Robby was soaking wet when he walked in but soon dried and not too long after, everyone else arrived.  Nonna and Pops brought Campbell, Keaton and Whitman.  Lots of guests showed up and a good time was had by all....especially Whitman who ate at least 6 cupcakes.  I use "ate" very loosely because he basically just licked the icing off of 6 cupcakes.
  • After the party was over, everyone helped clean up and then to brought home Lilli and Cash with us (Whitman had gone home with Nonna and Pops so he could have a nap.)  The kids were all entertained and we were able to unload and repack our leftover food.  By the time we had finished, the kids were getting pretty anxious since we were headed swimming.
  • First we had to pick up Whitman and then get gas but we arrived at the pool just as Zach, Josh, Dana, Grannymom and Shelley did.  Our kids swam and played more tonight than ever chasing all of their cousins.
  • Once at home, we went over what tomorrow would entail and then it was showers and bed for all of my people...all except Robby and I who packed and packed and packed until late at night!

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