June 18, 2015

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  • Keaton and Anderson were the first ones up this morning but my Whitman and Reagan probably could have slept another hour or two-at least I could have slept another hour or two!  We had breakfast and the boys tried my bread from Neighbors Mill and loved it and Reagan and Whitman ate peaches as quickly as I could cut them.
  • The kids got back in the swing of our summer days. Anderson did make a face when I told him that he did have to read today but soon he was reading quietly.  The house was a bit noisy today and Reagan even locked herself in her bedroom during her reading time so she could get some peace and quiet.
  • The morning went by pretty quickly and soon we were reading our books.  During lunch, I didn't get around to reading all the books that I wanted so I will have to double up tomorrow-I am under a deadline! 
  • After lunch, we started working on our chores.  Soon Robby was home and the kids started their afternoon movies while I worked some more on our packing.  The afternoon went by so quickly that before we knew it, it was almost supper time.
  • We decided to do the same thing that we did last night-go to the pool despite the upcoming weather.  Robby and I like to live on the wild side-will it rain or will it not?  The kids didn't care and never even seemed to notice the rain since they were busy practicing with their new radios and headphones for the car.
  • When we did pull up to the pool, it was pouring but people were still swimming so out we went. Robby and Whitman did sit in the car for a while.  I hurried the kids to the pool so they could swim as long as possible before the upcoming storm hit.  
  • They were able to swim a bit before the whistle blew when a lifeguard heard thunder (not really sure if he did hear thunder or not).  About this time, Robby and Whitman were climbing out of the car.  Soon the time came that the kids could get back in the pool and in they all went-by now there was only 2 other people at the pool with us.  
  • This time while the kids were swimming, it was pouring!  No one seemed to care though and they swam until the lifeguard "heard" thunder again.  This time we did leave and ran by Arbys to get supper.  The kids were starving and wanted to eat in the car so I certainly let them. Whitman had been screaming "cheese" the entire time that Robby was trying to order-I guess the boy was hungry because he ate an entire roast beef sandwich.  
  • Once at home, we had our Sunday night ice cream truck and then the kids all had showers before a few minutes of downtime before bed.  

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