September 11, 2015

Kicking off birthday celebrations at Krispy Kreme!
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  • I guess that Robby grew tired of hearing me hit snooze on my phone early this morning and he said "we will do better next week" which meant 'turn that off and go back to sleep.'  I quickly obliged but still climbed out of bed before 7 so I could have a few minutes to get my day started and the muffins cooked for breakfast.
  • I went upstairs to start waking everyone up and after waking up the boys and laying in Keaton's bed, I then laid down in Campbell's bed to hop right back up again after seeing her empty tooth fairy pillow.  That tooth fairy didn't come last night (if she doesn't make a note then she just forgets everything).  So I scurried downstairs to see if I could find a spare dollar-thankfully, I did and all was well.  A few minutes later, I heard Robby at the bottom of the stairs-he had remembered that tooth fairy hadn't showed up last night and was ready to help.
  • The kids had breakfast and then we started on school work and any day that you spend most of it in your pajamas is a good, good day.  And it certainly doesn't help if that day is a Friday-I think I am just a happier person on Friday (even though my life is pretty much like a Friday and weekend combined!)
  • After lunch, I was sitting in the living room cutting things out for science and pricing garage sale stuff when I noticed that the lamp was blinking.  I finally had to ask the kids if I was seeing it right and they agreed.  (Some of our lamps are on a switch that we can control on our phones/tablets.)  Reagan stood up and said "I will just turn it off."
  • Graham was a bit slower doing his work today, but his attitude was fine so I had no problem with that (he had been fooling around most of the morning).  He was working in the school room and came into the living room panicked saying "what is that noise?"  I thought it might be my weather radio (why, I don't know) but told him I would go and check.
  • I waled right in my bedroom and saw another light blinking.  Now the alarm had just buzzed and the lights were blinking-I decided that I was going to text Robby and tell him that his electronics were going nuts here at home.  So I had to find my phone...
  • The kids use my phone as a timer during the school day and since I usually wear my pjs during the day and have no pockets for my phone.  It took me awhile to find it and as soon as I did, I saw that it was on airplane mode.  I turned it off and could quickly tell that Robby had been trying to get a hold of me.  
  • I text him and he called back and my first words were "were you the one turning our lights on and off?"  I guess that is one way to get our attention!  We are getting some shelves for the bonus room nook and he needed some measurements.  The shelves are going to be for legos-I think it is going to be a perfect place for the legos.
  • After this, our afternoon was fairly uneventful.  I made supper and after we ate, we played the xbox some-quite entertaining since Campbell and I were playing basketball.  We had NO idea what we were doing which caused the boys to scream and shout "push A" or "push Y" over and over at us.  Even Whitman would get into the act shouting "push A Momma"-I could have pushed A if I would have known where that button was!
  • Next up was beginning the celebration of Reagan's 10th birthday with doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.  Layne and Brett went with us and everyone had their fill of doughnuts before we went back to the Wilson's house to drop off a few things for the tailgate tomorrow (we aren't going to the game but are crashing their tailgate party).  Layne had a present for Reagan and Reagan was pretty excited about her loot!
  • We didn't make it home until after 10 which meant a quick turn around getting the kids into bed-minutes after tucking the kids in, Robby went back to their rooms to grab their laundry and Reagan and Keaton were already asleep! 

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