September 3, 2015

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  • Again I had to wake up all the kids today-maybe Robby and I should start sleeping up in the room as well.  I was again having a bad dream (about Reagan on a hay ride) when my alarm went off so I got on up to have my early morning meeting with the treadmill.
  • I wish that I could run on that silly thing but I just can not make myself move faster than my swift walk.  I did run a bit on some days but really, I just feel lucky that I can get myself up the stairs and on that thing at any time of the day and much less at the crack of dawn!
  • Today was Reagan's day to take Keaton to school and she was up and ready in a flash which is highly unusual for her.  While her and Whitman were gone, the boys, Campbell and I put our heads down and got to work.  We were moving along very well and the boys finished really early today.  Reagan also did well despite her early morning ride to church and to a gas station where Robby got a "jacuzzi"-yep, that is what I asked too, a jacuzzi?  Turns out it was a drink coozie.
  • For lunch, Robby grilled hot dogs and the first of four trucks arrived at the house today-Fed Ex (boy's bedding), garbage truck (taking trash-not delivering it), Staples (paper towels-In a conversation about our toilet paper incident (ordering close to zillion rolls two months in a row) I kidded that we were about out of paper towels and Robby took me seriously-we will never, ever run out of paper towels), and finally the truck with the kids new beds arrived.
  • My kiddos were so excited about the beds that I had to take multiple pictures of them with the boxes.  They also keep telling Whitman about his new bed and that poor child is so confused since there are no need beds and at one time, he even ran into the school room just to make sure that his bed was still there.
  • The afternoon was spent pretty much the same-Nonna did bring Keaton home and they had spent the afternoon working on fresh banana bread so we were all happy to try a sample. 
  • When they left, Robby went to work on a huge wasp nest in the front of our house.  This involved him climbing to the top of a huge ladder and using a broom handle to poke, poke the wasp nest through a hole in the siding.  I tried to help hold the ladder but I do believe that he was to fall and I was to try to catch him, we would both end up dead.  Thankfully, he made it down safely and without being stung-at one point he saw a wasp and loudly shouted "I'm coming down."  This caught me off guard because I wasn't sure if he was coming down the right way or if he was coming down as in falling.  The lone wasp left him alone and all was well!
  • We had supper out and then went to Walmart to pick up some paint supplies and even found the boys sheets.  Graham had wanted orange and Anderson had wanted red but when they saw some Razorback sheets they changed their mind.  That was fine with me because their red sheets will work well with their navy bedspreads.  The girls sheets will be a little harder to find but at the end of the shopping trip I was reminded that Walmart and my kids do not mix.  They are perfect in restaurants but whoo-ie Walmart is another story!

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