September 29, 2015-Happy Birthday (party) Keaton!

Queen of the Birthday Party!
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  • Yesterday we had said something about Keaton being 4 now but she was quick to say that she was not 4.  We could have I tried to explain that she was indeed 4 since her birthday was Sunday but we just let it slide because to her, this was the day that she turned 4.
  • I didn't have to work very hard to convince Keaton to wake up and put on her blue skirt and Elsa shirt.  I am sure that Ms. Jennifer thinks that we just let Keaton dress in pretty much whatever she wants to and though that is pretty much true (she is our 5th kid after all) today was the day of her Elsa birthday party.
  • Once Robby and Keaton left this morning, the rest of us started on our day-some school work, lots of packing and a bit of cleaning.  More than any of the other kids, Reagan is the one who gets the enormity of work involved in going on a trip.  She really kicks it up before a trip-straightening their room and packing everyone's toys for the trip.  She worked for the longest today on making sure the box of toys on each row was perfectly packed.
  • When it was lunch time, Reagan was the one helping out (or maybe she was just really hungry).  We cleaned out as many leftover bread, hot dog buns and hamburger buns as I could for breakfast with cinnamon toast.  So for lunch, we worked on eating our leftover english muffins.  Reagan is the one who made the pizzas-maybe I should have her make those once a week for the fam.
  • And today I really noticed that my Campbell might just be growing up some.  Now, she had plenty of her little usual fits today but she sat and talked to me early this morning while I was doing some work, she worked really hard today on her school work, she helped me pack, supervised as I made rice krispy treats and made ham and cheese croissants for Keaton's party.  
  • I guess I should say something here about my boys-well they are boys.  They spent most of their time today rough housing and when they were not doing that, they were sitting beside each other playing on Robby's ipad. Reagan gets the preparation for a trip and Campbell wants to help out-but the boys just aren't like that!  Just boys!
  • This afternoon we worked on science-for each planet we had to fill out a sheet about its size, distance, features and the like.  This took over an hour but was pretty interesting.  Reagan was always behind since she was trying to make hers look pretty with lots of colors, Anderson and Graham were able to keep up but 5 year old Campbell did so excellent and kept pretty much up with us.
  • After working and working all morning and afternoon long, it was time to load up and head to Keaton's birthday party.  On the way there it started to rain-we drove by the park where we had wanted to have her party but the trees were really dripping.  So we went to the park by the pool and even though it wasn't as pretty, the pavilion and tables really worked out better.  By the time that we had everything unloaded, all of our guests started showing up.
  • Jason, Nonna, Pops, Grannymom, Grandpa, Lilli, Cash and Dana were all there.  We had the birthday sign up and Robby even had balloons to celebrate.  Keaton came with Grannymom and was all smiles.  She was the cutest thing ever tonight-so sweet and polite.  
  • For supper we had chips, dip and those ham and cheese croissants made by Campbell.  The kids played some and then we sang Happy Birthday.  We sang the song and just as Keaton was about to blow out the candles, Whitman leaned in and blew every single one of those candles out.  Thankfully she wasn't upset and the rest of us just stood and stared-Reagan was the one who said "at least he knows how to blow out candles."  We re-lit those candles and did it again with Pops holding Whitman far, far away from those candles.
  • After a bit more play time, we made some snow!  Now I happened to have snow left over from Campbell's second or third birthday party.  The kids enjoyed playing in it but they really loved throwing it up and letting it snow all over their heads.  We made a little Olaf out of marshmallows and even had a few games with balloons-seriously, it was a big birthday party: crafts, games, food! And then there were presents.
  • We sat Keaton in her chair on top of the picnic table.  She was delighted with every single thing that she opened.  When she would open something that she really loved, then she would shout for Campbell to come and look at what she had.  She was so excited for herself and for her sister.  She opened legos, birdhouses, beads, a backpack, a baby doll, boogie board, baby doll bed (which Whitman has tried and tried to climb in-that is what happens when someone sleeps in a pack n play for their entire life), chalk, construction paper, a purse as well as a few other things.  
  • Once at home, we unloaded and then loaded the car back up again.  Shannon, Brett and Layne came over for a few minutes-the kids played while we talked and packed.  Then it was time for showers for all of the Dennie kids followed by bedtime.  Robby and I did a bit of work and then finally set down on the couch!

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