September 24, 2015

Celebrating Keaton at school!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • There was no having to wake Keaton up today-school day and her day to bring snacks.  And not just any snacks was she bringing, it was Elsa cupcakes to start her birthday celebrations a bit early.  Robby snapped her picture beside the birthday sign and Ms. Jennifer had her a birthday crown.  
  • After dropping her off, Robby and Campbell headed to the car place so he could have some work on his car done (recall work).  Robby said that Campbell quietly did her school work as happy as she could be while they waited.  The work took so long that they just ran to Walmart before picking Keaton up from school.
  • Once at home, we had lunch and then Grannymom and Grandpa came over to do a bit of work. Grandpa and Robby worked on pimping my ride a little bit-we now have a mini rv for road trips in our van (no, not rest room or showers but a fancy new drawer system)
  • This afternoon was exhausted and sat down in the chair and had myself a little nap. I must have been sound asleep when I agreed to paint the girls' fingernails.  I was about to try to talk my way out of that when I realized that it was indeed National Daughter's Day (or maybe that is another holiday that Facebook has made up).  
  • We spent at least an hour working on painting nails-the girls fingernails and my toenails. Campbell's and Keaton's polish is pretty much already off.  I really don't know what they do to make that happen since whenever I paint my toes it stays on them for months.  Anyway, Campbell had a chevron pattern, Keaton had little flowers, Reagan had a dot pattern and I also had dots.  It was quite a bit of fun and everyone was pleased when we finished.
  • Now since I was spending time with the girls for National Daughter's Day, Robby was outside wishing that is was National Husband's Day because he was wondering why I wasn't coming outside to help him in the yard.  I did eventually come outside just in time to help him clean up. We did decide to clean out the car for a few minutes before coming back in.
  • Robby then decided to cut the boys' hair (no, not Whitman-probably would if we could figure out how to not buzz it).  So they sat outside and got their trims while everyone else had showers. Campbell was mad at me about what shower I assigned her and she told me that she was going to take an extra long shower-like 2 hours long.  I said that she should go for it!
  • Her shower didn't last that long since soon supper was on the table-fish sticks and cornbread! The meal of champions!  After supper we pretty much did nothing since it was already 8.  We did our story time tonight and the kids were all happy to show off their pictures of Noah's Ark (Reagan didn't want us to take a picture of hers since she said it wasn't finished yet!)

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