September 16, 2015

Anderson doesn't want a kiss from his sister!
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  • Wednesday morning started off well with everyone getting on their clothes.  My sweet boy, Graham, even volunteered to go and get waffles and pancakes out of the fridge outside.  I had to tell him that we would have those tomorrow because this morning we only had time for pop tarts.
  • The reason we only had time for pop tarts was because my kiddos had already helped empty the trash cans and clean the potties (not the floors in the bathroom which, as Robby pointed out tonight, desperately needs attention-by a responsible adult)  When I was loading the car this morning (I have to throw all of our stuff in a huge laundry basket on Wednesdays so it doesn't take me 17 trips to load up), the kids ran outside to see if they could find the deer tracts from last night.
  • When it was time for me to get into the car, everyone was gone except Reagan.  She asked me if I could meet them at the end of the driveway and I was fine with that.  So when I pulled up, Reagan had everyone lined up at "the bust stop."  She even had Whitman on board and I could see her telling Whitman exactly what they were doing so he wouldn't panic (his new phrase now is "don't leave me, Mommy.")
  • After picking up all of the bus riders, we made it to Bible study.  I can't explain how much the kids love Bible study-all of them love it.  It makes for a long day but I really enjoy it too-the lecture today was about the many prophecies that Jesus fulfilled.  
  • Lunch was at the park today but it was cut short by the call of nature-we could have popped into a store but Grannymom's house was on the way so we stopped there and most everyone pottied before driving to see Beebee.
  • Our Beebee visit went well and the kids went over their last school project with her while Whitman stuffed candy bar after candy bar into his mouth.  I always feel that we cause quite a commotion visiting her but hopefully she enjoys it some.
  • This afternoon was fairly quiet-we did put together a few bookshelves for our new lego area which I think is going to be pretty awesome.  The shelves came from the Fed Ex man who also brought 4 boxes of diapers, a box of pull ups and a birthday present.  I do believe that he probably hates us or maybe he loves us because we keep him in business.
  • After a quick stop at the library tonight, we arrived at church.  The kids headed off to their own classes and Robby and I relaxed in the coffee shop at had a drink.  I wish!  We did games for 3, 4 and 5 year olds-just about the same as relaxing in the coffee shop!
  • Once at home, we had a quick snack and then it was bed for everyone.  I do believe that my kids are worn out after our busy day.  

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