September 8, 2015

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  • I was so exhausted last night and figured that I probably wouldn't wake up to exercise and I was exactly right.  There was no one in our house stirring this morning until almost 8 when I had to wake everyone up.  They all slept very, very well in the new little beds and as soon as Keaton climbed out of her bed, she turned around and started trying to make it up (Reagan has already trained her well.)
  • Keaton and Robby headed out to school and work and the rest of us started on our school.  Things were going well for about 10 minutes!  My Graham just had a rough day-he became very upset if he could hear anyone talk and then complained of a buzzing in the bonus room.  The house was surprisingly quiet today (I let Whitman watch a Thomas movie on the tv in my bedroom) so it was a bit strange that Graham could not find a quiet place to work and continued shouting that there were too many distractions.
  • I let him have his little fit/pity party and pretty much ignored all of the distractions that he was causing for everyone else.  I could have easily lost my mind today but kept quietly whispering to myself "I have bunko tonight, I have bunko tonight" and it worked-everyone made it through the day (even Graham!)  Graham did not finish his work until after 4 today which is a bit longer than his usual 11'o'clock finishing time.  
  • Reagan flew through her work today because she knew that she was going birthday shopping with Nonna and Pops.  Nonna stopped by a bit after lunch to take Reagan and they shopped and shopped until supper time at Pei Wei-while I was out tonight, Reagan even left me her leftovers in the fridge with a note attached telling me what all she did, what she bought and how much fun she had.
  • Campbell was a little bit lost this afternoon without Reagan or Keaton so she followed me around helping me get ready for tomorrow (Bible study, park, BeeBees, Wednesday night church) and working on their rooms (I still have about 2 huge boxes of stuff to go through,)
  • Anderson spent his afternoon watching tv and working on his project for Thursday (he is pretty far behind but we hopefully can finish tomorrow) and Keaton spent the afternoon with Grannymom and even went shopping and bought candy to share with everyone.
  • When Robby walked in the door, I was standing ready to go-I finally snuck out and headed to buy a few Christmas presents.  Then I met my people in the Heights to eat and ended our evening at Le Pops.  
  • Robby took the kids to Sonic to play and eat supper which meant showers when they all got home.  Since we just went out to eat, I made sure to drive really slow on the way home to make sure that the crew was in bed and everyone but Reagan were sleeping sound asleep when I checked on them.

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