September 18, 2015

Field Trip to the LR Air Force Base
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Field trip day here so we just did a few minutes of school after breakfast.  Part of our school today was each big kid (Reagan, Anderson and Graham) had to work with a little one for a few minutes.  When Reagan finished with Whitman, he kept saying, "more book, more book."  I guess he really enjoyed their work together time.
  • We met Amber down the road to ride together to Jacksonville but as soon as she loaded her kids up, she realized that she didn't have her driver's license.  She then had to run home while we pressed on to meet the others.  On the way, I saw Candice fly past me (yes, Ms. Diane-she was hauling!) but I scooted over and tried the best I could to keep up with her.  
  • Before going into the base, we met Veronica and we got a pass for me while the kids sat in the car some and then went to check out a C-130.  Veronica told the kids about what the base does and what she does.  They all stood and listened-when she asked the boys didn't take too long to rattle off the branches of service and after she asked one question, Whitman started jabbering about Holiday Thomas and Percy.  He went on and on until I covered his mouth and Veronica told him that they did have train tracks on the base.
  • Once we made it past the gate, we drove around the base and saw a few planes landing and taking off.  Then we walked through the commissary and that is where the grown-ups favorite part happened-people walking by saluting Veronica (a Major).
  • Not too long after that, the kids had their favorite part-the playground.  We ate lunch at the campground on the base and the kids played on the playground despite the crazy hot weather.  After playing, we walked around a few more planes and then we finally cooled off in the car on the way home.  
  • Once at home, I put Whitman to bed and I do believe that he was awake during most of his nap time.  This was probably because Reagan, Campbell, Keaton and I were working in the kitchen on her desert pizzas.  One pizza we did as I had planned and the other, Reagan really wanted for it to look like a pizza.  She came up with a few ideas, but we eventually settled on red icing for sauce and then shredded white chocolate for cheese.  We will add pepperonis made out of fruit roll-ups tomorrow.  Doing the pizza that way wasn't in my plans at all but she was right, it looks really good.
  • I had settled on the couch watching Thomas with Whitman when the Wilsons called inviting us to supper.  We took them up on that since anything was better than sandwiches so Robby ran to the store so we could have some ice cream to celebrate Shannon's birthday.  Then I ran with Shannon to drop of Layne and to the store for a bit before we came back and all ate.
  • The boys played on the Xbox all of the evening long and the girls pretty much hung out with us or in the toy room watching a movie.  After staying out too late, we came home and tucked our people into bed!

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