September 17, 2015

Our blondies!
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  • Today was the day that Graham had been waiting for-the day that he was able to go with Robby and Whitman to take Keaton to school.  He woke up first and knew that they were going to run some errands so he stared right in on his math and phonics and was finished with those by the time I had dished up breakfast.
  • We had our pancakes and waffles this morning and then said by to Keaton. This left only 3 folks here doing their school but their attitudes were pretty pitiful.  I wasn't being cranky but everyone else sure was-they eventually calmed down and we started moving quickly along.
  • When Graham did make it home, he just about lost his chances to ever take Keaton to school again-after being out for a few hours, he wasn't too ready to get back to work.  Truthfully though, I wasn't really ready to work either.  When Robby came home, we were all in the garage and I told him that is when I didn't like having to do school because I just wanted to quit for the day and play but we couldn't do that because tomorrow is a play day.
  • I probably should have just quit school though and let us all play because after school, we worked hard-well, Robby may have worked a bit harder than me.  He cleaned all of the bathrooms and floors around the potties along with the kitchen sink with the steam cleaner and they are sparkling.  The boys now have to use the restroom out doors for the next few days.
  • Nonna brought Keaton home this afternoon and they even brought pudding.  When they drove up, we all went outside to greet them but Keaton promptly told us to go back inside so she could surprise us.  We obliged and let her shout "surprise" as they walked in the door and then the kids jumped towards her grabbing pudding before she could even get into the doorway.
  • Around 5, I quietly tiptoed out of the house so no one could see me.  I did a tiny bit of shopping to get ready for the party on Saturday.  Then I met everyone at Arbys for supper and then we went to Grannymom's house for a second before home for bed and showers.

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