September 23, 2015

Happy Fall!
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  • I heard the girls up earlier than 7 this morning and thought about going up there to make sure no one was unhappy about being woke up before our magical hour of 7 (the rule is-Don't even think about getting out of your bed or making a noise until 7)  I didn't go up there and those silly girls were all laying in Reagan's chair waiting on me.  They had plans to act like they were sleeping so I would wonder if they had all slept in her chair.
  • All my Anderson could think about this morning was playing his kindle.  We don't touch the kindles on school days until after lunch but he was aware that this was not a school morning and was a Bible study morning.  I was quick to point out that we still had a list of things to do before leaving the house and did not have time for their kindles.  Sometimes the kindles are nice and give the kids something to do but when they are using their kindles they do not hear a word I say-like brush your teeth, put your shoes on and the like.
  • We ate our breakfast and then headed off to Bible study.  When I picked Whitman up, he told me all about seeing Keaton and waving at her.  I thanked him for going into his class without fussing and then mentioned the park to him.  He was all about that and then started naming all of his sisters and his brothers so I could remember to go and pick them up.
  • Lunch was at the park and the kids had a great time playing with all of their buddies.  Then we loaded up and headed to Beebees.  She was in a fine mood but my peeps were not in a fine mood when we left.  I had mentioned Sonic and then when we climbed back in the car, they were told that there would be no Sonic today.  This silly kids can not keep their hands off of Whitman and off of Beebee's up and down chair for anything!  We can catch Sonic another week when everyone does a bit better job.
  • This afternoon seemed to fly by and before I knew it, it was supper time.  I passed out supper with the intentions of reading but the kids kept asking for more food so I was passing out food throughout supper. 
  • Back in the car to church tonight.  Robby and I were puppets tonight and each time (3) the puppets performed first.  The last time, Robby and I crawled out of the room so we could walk around for a bit and not be cooped up behind the puppet curtain any longer!  
  • Once at home, the kids had a snack and then it was bedtime.  Tonight at bedtime, Robby asked the kids a question and Reagan, Anderson and Graham just looked at each other a bit confused about the answer.  But my Keaton, having just come to church, was quick to shout out the church answer "God."  You could not believe the looks on everyone else's face when Robby said "that is right, Keaton."

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