September 22, 2015-Happy Birthday Robby!

Happy Birthday Robby!
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  • I went upstairs to wake everyone up but when I walked into the girls' room, Campbell and Keaton were already sitting up trying to make their beds.  I think that Reagan has worked really hard on those little girls making sure that they are trained to keep their beds along with their bedrooms nice and neat.
  • Now my boys also work hard on their rooms but they aren't too big into making their beds.  But they do keep their rooms pretty neat and every time I walk into their room, I notice that they have neatly arranged Whitman's trains and tracks (like trains are color coordinated)
  • Of course for breakfast, we had doughnuts and have about one more day of those before we can do a doughnut detox.  After yesterday, I told the kids that today they were going to do their work in the school room and I would be in that room as well.  And surprise, everyone but Anderson was finished by 11:30 and he finished right after lunch.  I guess that I will have to start using the school room instead of kicking the kids out of it during school.  Of course, 4 kids doing school work, Whitman working a puzzle, a huge pack n play, 4 kid desks, my desk and my folding laundry make for a pretty small space.
  • We had lunch and then did a few chores before heading outside for a nerf gun game.  I was hoping that they would decide to have their game in the house but no, outside we went.  I set the timer and we had 2 rounds of nerf battles.  And just as Graham and I let Reagan and Anderson win yesterday during soccer, we also let them win today during our nerf battle.
  • This afternoon flew by and before we knew it, Robby was home and we met Keaton at Dana's house along with Grannymom and Grandpa to celebrate Robby's 41st birthday.  Dana had made chili and then Grannymom had Holy Cow cake which was very good.
  • The kids played outside some and we called them in for presents-Robby received a gift card for Disney, an extension cord, a fan and a tire pressure gauge.  He also had a slew of cards made from the kids today-they worked so hard on his cards and were delighted to give to Robby.
  • The kids played outside some more until it was time to head home.  Of course the kids needed showers after our time outside so we quickly showered everyone and then we did our Bible story before bedtime.  Tomorrow is a busy day for us and it marks one week until we leave town!

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