September 25, 2015

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  • For some reason, I really look forward to Fridays even though they are pretty much the same as most days around here.  I did sleep in a bit longer today (though I only woke up in time for the treadmill twice this week).  When I woke up, Robby was already out of bed and in his office working.  I had a few minutes to eat my breakfast and then to get ready for the morning before I heard the footsteps of little feet upstairs.
  • The kids began migrating downstairs and we had breakfast while I read a bit.  Then it was time to start on our school work.  The kids school load was a bit lighter today and everyone but Anderson and Campbell were finished by 11.  
  • I took their early finish as a sign to start on our chores a bit early.  Today's chores consisted of a few odds and end-packing pjs, putting away laundry, packing socks and a host of other things.  The house was pretty well picked up before lunch and that was a very good thing.
  • We had lunch and then Anderson and Campbell finished their school while I did a bit of packing.  I did just a bit and then decided that I probably should just wait to the last minute because that would make things exciting! 
  • Then the kids and I did our together work-including science which the kids absolutely love this year.  They loved last year's science too but this years science cost about 270 bucks less so this one is of course my favorite!  
  • The afternoon always seemed to fly by and it did again this afternoon.  By the time that I had marked a few things off my list and handed out snacks, Robby was home and we were loading up to go out for supper.
  • Tonight's supper was at Salem Dairy Bar.  We had never been there and had wanted to try it-it was lots of fun.  Robby and I both had the frito chili pie and oh my goodness, my stomach is still on fire from that spicy chili.  The weather was perfect and the kids enjoyed eating outside-hot dogs, nachos, grilled cheese and then ice cream cones for all!
  • The Kerns stopped by the house tonight to pick up our projector.  They looked around the house and Robby even showed Greg all of our attics!  The kids, of course, were delighted to have someone come over tonight and they were even more delighted to get to stay up very, very late!

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