September 1, 2015

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  • I guess sleeping on just mattresses was exceptionally comfortable for the kids or the trampoline olympics went on for far too long because I had to wake everyone up after 7 this morning.
  • We had our breakfast, saw Keaton off to school and then started on school work-or that is what I would have liked to have happened.  Those silly kids!  My Reagan is as much of a staller as the boys but at least she does worthwhile things-like helping Campbell with math, organizing my desk or making Whitman a train track.  
  • Anderson did better than his brother but if I am not in the room then there is always at least one person fooling around.  Graham is supposed to do his math first thing in the morning but today he was still working on math after lunch.  Makes me crazy!  I hope someday that they all have children just like them! (I know my parents didn't say that about me because I was a perfect child.)
  • Shannon came over for lunch so that did get my mind off finding a new home for my children for a few minutes.  She brought over a few recipes that she is trying out this week and after they rate them, we might try them as well-remember how I am working on being better about having food around here.
  • This afternoon we did our work together work and then I had a video for the kids to watch that went along with our science right now (creation).  We watched a little bit of it and then I finally turned it off and told the kids that I had no idea it would be so boring and that didn't have to watch it all!  I might should do a better job at screening my movies-it was definitely a yawner!
  • At 4, we picked Keaton up from Grannymom's house and then went to the pool.  When we pulled up, no one was there.  I finally made Anderson check the gate just in case and sure enough it was open and a life guard was there waiting on us.  The Kamps showed up so we had the pool to ourselves for a while.
  • After 2 adult swims, we headed home.  Robby teased me on the way home saying that he would have thought we would have eaten but he already had a lasagna in the oven and corn bread ready for us.  I should have been a grown up and planned ahead but there is always another day.
  • After supper, we went to walk at the Wilson's neighborhood for a little bit (over 3 miles) before sampling some of their brownies.  Then we went home and debated making a pan of brownies after tucking the kids in.  (We did not but probably should have-they would have been better than the oreos we ate!) 

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