September 5, 2015

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  • Before falling asleep last night, I did set my alarm clock for 9 this morning, knowing full well that there would be no reason to set that alarm.  Around 7, Anderson quietly snuck into our room to snatch Robby's ipad.  And we had at least 2 people in our bed before we finally climbed out and started our day.
  • Keaton was the one who could not wait to begin the day-she had a birthday party to go to.  But before we left, Robby made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then Keaton and I left.  I had to whisper for her to go and put on her shoes and then walk out a different door so Whitman would not notice that we were leaving.
  • The birthday party was a swimming party and Keaton loved every minute of it.  She was so proud to show her friends that she could swim without her floatees.  I didn't let her swim to long without them since I did not have on my bathing suit.  Keaton was a perfect little angel-which didn't last too long once we made it home.
  • Back at home, Robby worked in the yard and everyone else came outside.  My Campbell dressed Whitman and she even put him in a Razorback shirt.  The kids played outside some and even did a bit of work.
  • After the party, we came home and everyone had a quick lunch before heading back out to work a bit before coming in to work some more.  I had the kids pick up downstairs and then we went to town upstairs moving furniture and throwing everything left into a box.
  • When the kids heard the ball game on downstairs, I lost all of my helpers.  We all watched the first half of the game downstairs and then we all split up for the second half-the boys upstairs on the xbox, the girls watching a movie in my bedroom, Whitman napping in the school room and Robby and I still in the living room.
  • After the game, we loaded up and picked up a pizza.  We let the kids play at a park while we ate and then dropped the boys off at Dana's house and picked up Lilli.  The next stop was to Target to buy sheets for the girls-and we did!  It took quite a bit of negotiating for Reagan to convince Keaton and Campbell to pick the sheets that she wanted for them to pick (I was like sure, we can get the sheets with the butterflies, sure, we can get the ones with the owls.  But Reagan was trying to tell them that they needed to get sheets that they would still like when they were 18-I know that we keep things for a while around here, but that is a bit extreme!)
  • Once back at home, the girls played and watched a movie before we put them in bed.  I do think that they are finally asleep so now it is time for us to eat a cookie!  

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