September 28, 2015

Group Hug!
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  • I thought but letting the kids sleep as late as they wanted to today since sleeping in won't happen the next few days.  But after Graham came downstairs right at 7 (I really need to move their clocks back a few minutes) I figured that everyone else should wake up too.  
  • After our breakfast, everyone started to work on their school work (only half a days work today) and their slew of chores.  My main goal this morning was to pack and did that happen?  No!  I worked almost as hard helping everyone do a half a days worth of school than I do with a whole day.
  • I was able to run upstairs a bit and get a few more things accomplished before lunch.  We read a book about everyone cooking rice so of course we made ride.  Now, I will clarify that our rice came out of a bag but I should have made two bags of rice.  When Keaton saw that I put chicken in it, she could not wait for me to give her "lots of that meat."
  • We read during lunch and then did some Disney pin trading.  I had assumed that my Graham remembered what that was all about but he became upset since he didn't really understand what we were doing.  Finally, I explained it well enough for him to understand and all was well.  Who knew Disney prepping was so difficult?  I do believe that a Disney trip is more difficult to plan and carry out than our big road trips. 
  • We read quite a few books this afternoon which gave me a full load of library books to run to the library tonight.  During the afternoon I was able to pack the kids clothes (making me almost finished with packing-the 7 page packing list is now down to 2 pages)
  • Robby came home and started grilling supper-hot dogs.  We all ate and then Whitman and I ran to the library.  Robby said something about me leaving and I had gone to get my shoes when I heard Whitman having himself a fit.  He was in his highchair and Robby was in front of him telling him that he couldn't understand what he wanted.  That baby had tears and was all red faced but as soon as I walked back into the room he stopped fussing.  That is when Robby realized that he thought I had left without him!  I probably should have left without him but he happily accompanied me to the library.
  • Back at home, Robby made sure everyone had showers and then started a redbox movie for them.  They were living it up eating popcorn and drinking coke when we came in from the library and Whitman quickly joined them until it was bedtime for everyone.

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