September 7, 2015

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  • I had hoped that we would sleep in today but Robby's alarm on his wrist buzzed at 6:45.  Then it took me forever to go back to sleep well because I kept dreaming about how to find the area of a circle (why, I don't know!) 
  • But I did go back to sleep and Whitman was the first one to wake up of the kids just as Robby had finished making cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  We enjoyed our Labor Day breakfast and then the day began.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa arrived while the kids were finishing up their bit of school work.  I had given them just a bit of work and everyone got it done without too much drama.  And there was little drama upstairs as Grandpa and Robby started on bed number 1 in the toy room.
  • Bed 1 seemed like it took a very long time but once it was finished, it seemed like they were almost finished with bed 2 by lunch time.  Nonna and Pops had arrived with lunch and Nonna set up shop in the kitchen cooking quesadillas for the kids and sandwiches for the rest of us.  
  • At some point, I became the drawer putter together-er and that was fine so I worked on that with Pops while Robby and Grandpa took apart Keaton's crib and moved it the new boys' room for Whitman (he is not sleeping in it tonight-we are too tired to mess with that change!)
  • As soon as the boys' beds were finished, they each had a grandma putting sheets on their beds.  It was quite a sight to see-my people were so excited about getting new pillowcases! (not sure why since we have always had pillowcases.)
  • Bed 3 and 4 were put together very quickly but by bed 5, they had slowed considerably.  Between putting together drawers, I was filling those drawers up with clothes.  The drawers are huge and after Reagan put her clothes in her drawer, she said "I need some more clothes." 
  • Bed 5 was finished and then it was clean up and time to reorganize.  Grannymom and Grandpa left and then I worked on putting lots and lots of things back in their rooms while Robby and Graham went off to buy a mattress for Keaton's new bed (hope she doesn't roll out tonight!)
  • I didn't finish my job of getting all of the toys out and sorted but did pretty well and there is always tomorrow.  We then started picking up downstairs while Robby vacuumed and then it was off to walk a bit before coming home and showering the kids.  
  • They were so excited to sleep in their new beds tonight and hopefully everyone will sleep well-still a few more things to get for them but their little rooms are coming together nicely.

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