September 4, 2015

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  • I guess I jinxed the kids because they were all up right at 7 this morning and I am sure that they will be in the morning too.  Breakfast this morning is supposed to be "Mom's choice" but I sure couldn't come up with anything today so it was just left over banana bread and Pops Tarts.  
  • I didn't make it to the treadmill today though I certainly should have gotten up because I was having another crazy dream-I was driving my old car and it kept stalling on us.  Reagan and I were inside and were trying to get to a race to run.  I woke up and we only had 3 minutes left to get to the race and I couldn't find a parking spot and we still had to get our race numbers before the race started.
  • Back to reality, we didn't do much school today-just worked on our projects for next week and then did a bit of other stuff.  The kids were all finished with school by 10 this morning which left me time to work on some garage sale stuff (4 boxes priced).
  • We had lunch and then everyone helped me work upstairs some.  I tell you, I haul box after box of toys out of that room and when I walk back in the room, it seems like what is left in that room has just multiplied.  The kids tried to help but really, Reagan is the only one who is able to help.  Anderson will try to do something but will instantly become engrossed in playing and will forget what he is doing and Graham will do whatever I have asked so insanely fast that it was adequate.  Campbell will do one job and then hide from me so I will forget to give her another job.  And unless I am right beside Keaton telling her what to do then she isn't all that much help either.  We still managed to make a difference!
  • After Robby came home, we loaded up to head to the Salt Bowl tailgate.  We skipped the game and just went for the good part-free hot dogs, free chips, free drinks, free snow cones along with free pencils, free candy, free necklaces, free balls, free foam fingers-my kids were in heaven!  Reagan even remembered that she was going to need a bag for all of her loot and found bags for all of the kids to carry.  By the end of the night, I swear that Keaton's backpack weighed 10 pounds!
  • After the tailgate, we went right over to the Wilson's house to walk for a bit.  We even stayed and chatted for awhile after our walk and Whitman was as happy as he could be since they turned Thomas on for him to watch.  He will probably ask to go back over there!
  • Once at home, it was snack and bedtime for my people-they were tired!

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