September 20, 2015

Singing in Big Church!
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  • So after my blog last night, I headed upstairs to watch the end of the girls' movie and then to sit quietly while they went to sleep.  The movie lasted a while but once it was over, the girls were fairly quiet (my child was the only exception).  Lilli's watch beeped a few times and I eventually had to take it off of her sleeping arm.  
  • After I thought that most everyone was asleep, I tiptoed out of the room and Reagan sat up and asked what I was doing.  She was the only one awake, I guess so she was too excited about her party to sleep.  I think that my girl had a great party.  I was just sitting on the couch and told Robby that I don't feel old enough to have a 10 year old and before we know it we will be going to her wedding!
  • Our alarms beeped early so I could get Lilli downstairs for Dana to pick her up (they were going out of town for the day).  And before I knew it, everyone was up and the girls were wild, wild!  I always forget but the morning time is really when I should have an activity for them instead of letting them do nothing-though at the crack of dawn, I am not really in the mood to lead a craft project.  I was struggling to get myself ready this morning for church in addition to making sure that my 2 plus 5 other girls were ready, fed and loaded up. 
  • We hauled all of their stuff into the church house along with everyone's boxes of doughnuts.  The boys had arrived early with Grannymom and Grandpa and were playing the xboxs so we signed everyone in and then sent most of them off to choir.
  • The kids all sang in big church this morning and when my Anderson walked out, we could tell he was in a silly mood so I quickly stood up and walked toward the front to catch his eye before things started.  That way, he father did not have to jerk him off of the stage during the performance-no worries though, he of course was perfect during the singing (well, we really couldn't see much of him since he was behind a tall couple of kids.)
  • After church the kids sang in the next service which made Sunday school really short.  We then headed to Grannymom's house for supper.  The kids must have been hungry because everyone ate most of their lasagna (except Whitman who was too busy to eat).  She had our favorite dessert, oreo delight and after a bit of play time, it was time to head home for our afternoon.
  • Some Sunday afternoons I am tired but other Sunday afternoons I am just exhausted and this was one of them.  I tried to make Keaton take a nap with me but she tossed long enough that I sent her back downstairs and I am pretty sure that the kids ate candy the entire time we were napping and you know, I really don't care because I had a super good nap.
  • We probably could have slept all night long but had to get up for church tonight.  Campbell proceeded to take her nap during church tonight (as she did during this morning's service) Probably keeping a 5 year old up until after 1 is not a great idea!  Actually, I know that tomorrow will be tougher than most Mondays, even though they are already difficult, because everyone will be very tired tomorrow. 
  • After church we came home for our ice cream truck before bed and ice cream just makes everyone happy at my house.  Maybe I need some cheering up before bed myself!

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