September 19, 2015-Happy Birthday (Party) Reagan!

Celebrating Reagan's 10th Birthday!
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  • We slept in as long as we could but  eventually hunger pains started waking my people up so Robby rolled over and said "well, get us dressed."  And dressed, we got them-eye patches, swords, bandannas, and hooks.  Of course that means that it was 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' or even more importantly, at Krispy Kreme is it 'Dress Like a Pirate and Get a Dozen Doughnuts for Free Day.'
  • Robby, Keaton, Anderson and Graham donned their pirate duds and headed to bring home donuts.  They all brought home their dozen and even stopped by Grannymom's house and her garage sale to drop some off there.  (By the way, I made a 100 dollars at the garage sale-which I have already spent!)
  • Reagan spent the rest of the day waiting and waiting for her birthday party to start.  I promise that I was asked at least 24 times today how many hours it was until her party.  I should have set a timer so everyone could see the countdown.  Robby suggested that Reagan take a nap to make the time fly and I would have happily taken a nap for her if I could have.
  • But while Robby worked outside, I worked inside.  Reagan was quite a big help too-adding pepperonis to her pizza out of fruit roll-ups, decorating with pizza pictures and straightening.  At one point, she came to me and told me that we had a lot of trash in the trash can in the kitchen and asked if she needed to take it out-maybe I should have a party every day and people would really do lots of chores.
  • Fast forward to this afternoon, Robby and a few kiddos had gone to pick up pizza and I woke Whitman from his nap.  We sat on the bench out front waiting on folks to come while he woke up.  Jason, Grannymom, Grandpa, Cash, Nonna and Pops and then Kennedy all drove up the driveway.  
  • Reagan was happy to give tours of her new room as everyone arrived-Kennedy, Camryn, Cate and Alyssa Kate.  We made the dough for the pizza and then the girls went outside for a few minutes.  While it rose, we cleaned up the kitchen and got ready for pizza making round 2.  Then I called the girls in and they all made their pizza creations and filled their crust with pepperonis, cheese, and sausage.  
  • While those pizzas baked, the girls went back outside and soon they were all eating their pizzas.  They ate their pizza while the rest of us ate our pizzas from our new pizza buying spot (also known as a nearby gas station).  
  • Kaleigh drove in from the beach and joined the party just in time for presents.  Reagan was delighted with all of her loot: another scrapbook for next year, a mash book, an ottoman, a huge chair, a bird house to make, a bracelet. craft stuff, a pillow and a ton of other stuff.  Then we sang Happy Birthday to our sweet little 10-year-old and then proceeded to eat a brownie pizza, a cookie pizza and 2 cinnamon strudel pizzas. 
  • Lilli arrived in time to have dessert with us and then the kids all headed outside again to play a few rounds of sardines.  During this Whitman and Keaton left with Nonna and Pops and after the game, Graham and Anderson left with Grannymom and Grandpa.  
  • After a little bit of cleanup in the house, I pulled out a plethora of pirate shirts, eye patches, bandannas and sashes and told all 8 girls (6 party guests and 2 Dennies) to get dressed.  It took a bit to get everyone suited up but it took no time at all of the Krispy Kreme workers to pass us 9 dozen doughnuts.  The girls ate a few there and then we came back home.
  • I made everyone take showers since we had spent a lot of time outside.  I was doing my best to rush everyone through and then it was movie time.  It is after midnight now and they have about 30 more minutes of their movie-hopefully everyone will go to sleep quickly and quietly (ha!)

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