September 9, 2015

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  • This was our first day back at CBS (Community Bible Study) so I was up early, early (for me) to get our day started.  The kids were sound asleep when I went in to wake them up but when I mentioned that it was Bible Study time, everyone was up and getting ready quickly.
  • We had our breakfast and then did a bit of chores before rushing out the door to our first church of the day.  I am glad that the first day of CBS is over because leading up to this, I have received phone calls from everyone's teachers-7 different teachers (mine and all of the kids).
  • First I dropped off Reagan and then Anderson and Graham who are in the same room.  Next class was Campbell's room and since she has the same room and teachers that Graham had last year and Anderson the year before, she didn't hesitate to walk in.  Next was Keaton who was in Campbell's old room and then back down the hall to drop off Whitman. He went in confused but fine which could be because he watched everyone else go into their classes.
  • When it was time for pick up, I turned in all of my paperwork for each kid that I spent the lecture filling out.  Whitman came jumping out of his class telling me that he went to Keaton's class.  Keaton told me all about Whitman coming to her class for music time.  On our way to lunch, everyone talked and talked about their new classes-they all absolutely love Bible study. 
  • This year will be a bit different since Reagan has a bit of a harder book (eek) and now, Graham will also have a Bible study book to answer questions in each day.  I showed it to him this afternoon and he said "they told us what to do but I didn't understand."  Hopefully he will pick it all up quickly.
  • Church number 2 was our next stop (Rock Creek) for lunch and a bit of play time.  The kids really did more playing than lunch and after we had ran all of the other kids really enjoyed themselves and got pretty noisy!  
  • Then it was time to go and see Beebee.  She was happy to see all of us since we missed last week.  Whitman ran in and gave Beebee the biggest hug when he saw her.  We pretty much devoured her candy and then the boys pushed her to flower arranging class before we headed home.  
  • We then came home for a tiny, tiny bit and then it was to church number 3 (ours) for Wednesday night.  Robby and I worked in the preschool area for games tonight-that was an adventure!  Once the evening was over, we hurried home to pass out snacks and put our babies to bed.

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