September 2, 2015

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  • When my alarm rang this morning, I didn't know what it was, when it was or even where I was.  I had been having a nightmare about Bible study coming up and probably should have gotten out of bed but it was so much nicer to hit snooze for just a bit longer.  
  • I still was up before 7 and was able to accomplish a few things before having to go and wake up my people.  This was the second day in a row that I went to their room and they were all sound asleep-since they are all sleeping so well, we are now cancelling the bed shipment and are going to have the kids sleep on mattress on the floor forever.
  • Pancakes and waffles were for breakfast today and that always calls for a busy morning (yes, they are from boxes but still it is pretty hectic.)  We still were able to start school a bit after 8 and things were much, much better than yesterday.  Graham knocked his work out pretty quickly and spent the last hour of the morning upstairs hanging out with Campbell and Keaton.
  • As I made lunch, Grannymom came in and started working on prepping the walls upstairs for paint.  When she was finished, she played and helped straighten the toy room while I completed the girls' closet.  Grannymom also helped me move some drawers-we moved them here, we moved them there, we moved them back over here until we finally found a pretty good spot for them.  
  • After Grannymom left, we did a bit of reading and then the kids had movie time while I finished up a few things.  Then it was quickly time for supper followed by rushing to the car for church.  I was able to go to all of the groups and saw Campbell in another class and I know that she had a great time.  
  • Everyone must have had lots of fun at church, eaten lots of candy or something because they are going strong upstairs.  Robby has been up there once, I have been up there once-when I went up there, Reagan had made everyone give Keaton all of their pillows so she would be happy.  Gracious!  If this continues, I do believe that people will be sleeping in the bonus room or possibly the shed!  

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