October 7, 2015-The Long Way to Disney (Day 8)

A couple of our Monster Friends!
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Campbell was the only one awake this morning and she hinted at us leaving the other kids and just taking her this morning. We briefly debated this but decided that we probably should take everyone.  Robby laid down with the boys until they were awake and all talking about what they wanted to do and see this morning.

We left a bit later this morning but still with time to spare.  We arrived at Hollywood Studios just in time for them to open the gates and then we hurried and waited at the next rope drop.  The main attraction for us this morning was the Tower of Terror.  We hightailed it over there and apparently no one else was too interested in going there because Reagan, Anderson, Graham, Campbell, Keaton and I walked right in. Whitman is too short and Robby stayed back to "watch him."

This was Keaton's first time to do the Tower of Terror and she was pretty skittish.  At one point, I thought she was about to break into the ugly cry.  Campbell was on the other side of me saying that she was scared over and over again.  After that ride, Campbell and Keaton hung back with Nonna and Pops while we rode again.  I determined that I like having little people with me to talk to during the ride-it makes me feel a lot better and probably distracts me quite a bunch.

Reagan, Anderson and Graham went to the single ride line of Rock n Roller coaster while the rest of us walked towards the Playhouse Disney show.  Campbell, Keaton and Whitman loved that show; they loved the bubbles that flew from the ceiling, the snow that fell, the gold doubloons and the streamers.  They sang along and even dances.  Pops loved the show because he had a good little nap with his head leaned up against the back wall.

The big kids didn't make it back to the show but they were able to ride Star Tours twice.  I am sure that they were a little bit glad that we didn't make them come see Princess Sophia and Doc McStuffins.  We met back up for a quick snack and then we saw Mike and Sully.  We took a picture with them and then walked to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground.

Everyone enjoyed playing in there and I do believe that they could have stayed in that area and played for much longer.  Whitman was having a ball standing under the water that squirts out.  After a good bit of play time there we walked back across the park so the big 3 could ride Tower of Terror one last time.

While they rode, the rest of us started on our lunch and then I took the little girls to go and start our shopping-we weren't able to find anything just yet.  But they have some spending money that is burning a hole in their pocket.  After the others finished their ride and lunch, we then headed out of the park.

On the way home we grabbed slushies from 7-11.  Then it was home and pool time for everyone.  Pops made popcorn and it was quickly eaten as the kids walked around the pool.  Robby hung out in the hot tub some while I worked on the blog.  I even put my feet in the pool for a bit since it became pretty hot outside.

The kids put on a few shows while in the pool and even played charades to name Disney rides.  Around 3 we made everyone get out of the pool and dry off for a bit before eating a very early snack supper.  Robby fixed pizzas for us and we gobbled down our food and left at 4.

Tonight we went to Epcot.  Even though we had already rode the Spaceship Earth, we had Fast Passes so we certainly didn't let those go to waste.  We saw Mickey and Pluto for a quick picture and the kids smiled perfectly for those photos (well as perfect as my kiddos can).

We then walked by the lady handing out dried cranberries-we have walked by this lady at least 3 times so we have received 30 tiny packages of craisins...and Whitman has eaten most of them.  He will be quiet regular over the next few days!

Next up was a ride around Test Track.  Even the Fast Pass line was pretty long due to some delays but soon we were zooming around the track.  Graham was proud of his car that he built and Keaton and Campbell were pretty thrilled with their pink car that they built.

After Test Track we did some shopping.  The kids all have some souvenir money (Beebee gave each of them 2 dollars to buys themselves something on our trip-Pops supplemented that and Robby is supplementing the rest!)  Keaton picked out a Princess Sophia doll but every single thing she saw at the store she wanted.  Reagan wasn't able to find anything nor was Whitman but we have a few more days to find the perfect souvenir.  Anderson spied the Star Wars legos but those sets were too expensive so Robby found him a decent sized and decent priced one on Amazon and it will beat us home.  Graham found a neat hat that says "Monster" across the front.

Campbell struggled finding something that she would like.  I pointed out a stuffed Doc McStuffins and Campbell replied "well, I am getting close to being 9, so I don't think I should get a toy."  And since she is 5 almost 6, I guess she is close to being nine-in over 3 years!  I am not really sure what is magical about 9 but I do understand-toys are not really her thing so much anymore (except her baby dolls) and other than jewelry there wasn't much for her.  Reagan did help her find a princess pencil box which I do believe she was pretty pleased with.

After that, we rode the Mexico boat ride-it is a pretty good little ride.  Then we walked all the way around the world showcase.  We did stop in Germany to eat a pretzel, apple strudel and German chocolate.  Reagan really wanted to find German chocolate-the big kids CBS teacher is from Germany and has brought chocolate for the kids before so Reagan wanted to find some.  We didn't find the brand Reagan was looking for but Pops bought us some anyway to sample!

At the US section of Epcot, we went to a thing upstairs and had a coke before heading on around the world.  Each time that we leave Epcot, I am a bit sad that we didn't spend more time there.  I just love the countries and really would love to eat my way around the them and I would also love to look in every gift shop in each country as well.

We made it back to the ball for the fireworks and were able to see some of them as we traded pins and as Robby picked up a picture from the store.  Then we hopped right on a tram to our car-seriously, who would have ever thought that we would not have had to wait for a tram when the park is closing and the fireworks had just finished.

It didn't take long for us to find the car (we remembered where it was tonight) and then we were home putting everyone in bed in a flash.  Tomorrow is the homeschool day program-remembering last years program, Robby prayed tonight with the kids that this years program would be interesting!  Last year it was not interesting at all...but hopefully tomorrow will be different (it will have to be interesting to keep us awake since it starts at 8!)

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