October 8, 2015-The Long Way to Disney (Day 9)

Wild About Animal King
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The alarm clock went off at 6 this morning and thankfully the kids were all in decent moods despite our early wake up time.  We ate our breakfast and then started off to Animal Kingdom.  It really was surprising how many cars were in the parking lot even though we arrived 2 hours before the park opened.  It wasn't just homeschoolers, there was also breakfast happening and another group or two meeting.  I am always interested in the behind the scenes of these parks-just imagine all of those people going into the park hours before it opened-people are probably in that park all through the night for different things.

Anyway, twice a year Disney has a homeschool program and attendance allows you discounted ticket prices.  I think I mentioned yesterday that the one that we attended last was a snoozer but this one was decent.  It was about primates and they kept it to less than an hour so that made us all happy.  Three different ladies that are in charge of the primates at Animal Kingdom spoke about primates and their behaviors.

Whitman bounced up and down our bleacher row and was quite busy (and noisy) during the entire presentation.  That was fine though since he wasn't the only little one there.  After the program was over, we walked to the safari and waited in a little line to board.  The animals were really moving today and it almost seemed like we were on a different safari than we saw the other day.

The kids had never been on the train at Animal Kingdom so that was our new activity for this park.  (I tried to do something new-at least new to us-at each park: Magic Kingdom: Dwarf Mine train and Stitch (hopefully tomorrow), Animal Kingdom: Train, Epcot: ?-I need to think about that one, Hollywood Studios: Frozen Sing Along)

Next up, Campbell, Graham, Anderson and Reagan went with me to ride Everest again.  That is probably my favorite roller coaster in these parts!  I then sent the big 3 to go through the single rider line-Campbell would have really liked to go but she is not old enough to ride alone.  That was fine though since we browsed the gift shop until the others came.

Meanwhile, Robby took everyone else to ride the spinning dinosaur while they waited on us.  Then they found a great spot for lunch and once we arrived everyone ate.  Then everyone but Whitman and I rode the dinosaur ride.  I hung out in the shade with Whitman and soon everyone arrived.  Then we crossed the park for our next stop.

On our way there, we saw a cast member with a trash can full of pins to trade.  There were pins on both sides of the trash can.  Of course my kids went to town with all of this.  I do believe that everyone is coming home with different pins-the kids haven't really started trying to find a collection of pins yet.  Maybe someday they will all be more selective with their pins but until then, they just get what ever strikes their fancy.

Robby and I, along with everyone but Anderson, walked along a trail to see some animals while we waited on the Lion King show to start.  It was a nice shaded trail and not to crowded.  When we were finished, the sun was really out and it was hot but we then walked right into the Lion King show and sat down.

We were near the front for the show and Whitman really liked it but he also hated it!  He hid his face some and then spent time clapping.  I do believe that overall he enjoyed it but whenever I would feel his little chest, his heart was just pounding.  At one point, a costumed performer ran right towards Campbell and jumped at her.  Pops was sitting beside her and said that she jumped right out of her seat.

After this we walked towards the park exit and Reagan stopped at a store to see if she could spend her money but wasn't able to find anything yet.  Then it was to the closely parked car and on to the house-this house is really is in a great location.

All the way home the kids talked about swimming and as soon as we drove up the pool cleaner man did too.  He put stuff in the pool so we couldn't swim for two hours-that was fine though because that gave the kids some downtime and plenty of time to finish off some ice cream.

Robby and Pops ran to the store to buy some drinks and rice krispy treat ingredients for us to make it home.  And then the rest of the evening was spent with the kids swimming, while I did some packing and Robby did some work and also worked on our route home.

The kids swam until almost 7 and then we all came in to eat-what was on the menu for tonight? Well, anything that we could finish off-chicken spaghetti, lasagna, crackers, cheese, fruit, ice cream.  Then the kids did pretty much nothing until bedtime.

Now for some packing...followed by some ice cream!

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