October 4, 2015-The Long Way to Disney (Day 5)

We all love the Magic Kingdom!

This morning started with us waking up a bit earlier today than yesterday.  Our start this morning had to be at 8 so we needed all of the time that we could get.  Robby started on the laundry and when he opened the kids’ doors this morning they were all still sound asleep.  He had to wake everyone up but they were quickly downstairs eating their breakfasts.  I do believe that cinnamon rolls are the hit of the week along with frosted mini wheats.

 We loaded up and were out the door perfectly on time this morning.  The kids have been beyond excited this week-Graham can not walk anywhere he goes-only run, Reagan can not stop talking and Campbell can not keep her hands off of Whitman-that is pretty normal though.

 Our first observation of the morning was that parking at Magic Kingdom was 20 bucks a day-seriously?  Wow!  Parking is even more expensive there than at the other parks.  That is fine though since this is vacation and pretty much anything goes (not really!)  Our parking spot was good and we were able to walk to the transportation center and catch a monorail to the Magic Kingdom.

 The kids loved riding on the monorail and every time I am on it, I start thinking about staying at the Polynesian or even reminiscing about us coming down here and staying at the Grand Floridian on our honeymoon.  But of course then I have to start debating if I want to bring the kids back and stay there someday or if Robby and I should just come back by ourselves-then we could eat around the Epcot world (on my bucket list).

 Once we were off the monorail we flew through the bag check line and entered park and saw the morning kick off.  Whitman could not take his eyes off of the train.  Truly that is one of the most magical times of the day in my opinion.  When the park opened, we shuffled with everyone else in the park to the Seven Dwarf mine train. 

 Since it is new, everyone headed that way.  The line was long but it didn’t take long at all.  We pulled Whitman up to the measuring point mainly so we could get a fast passes.  The dwarf mine train was a pretty good little ride-the kids even pulled Nonna on it.  It was fun because it had some roller coaster and some Disney type ride elements.  When it was over, we found Pops and Whitman and Reagan, Campbell and I went on it again with the fast passes.

 Next up we walked to Toontown and started riding the Barnstormer.  The boys were able to ride 3 times while the girls and I made our way back to them.  We caught up and rode twice and then we realized that Whitman would be tall enough so he rode one more time with me.  During the entire time on the Barnstormer, Whitman was tightly holding on saying “whoa! whoa!”  When we finished he started jabbering about the ride being fast and scary.  he even used his hand to show how it went curvy and around and around.

 The Dumbo line was so short that we didn’t even stay to play on the playground in the waiting area.  We decided that we would come back and stop there another day this week when we needed a rest or to cool off.  We all rode Dumbo and then climbed aboard the train for a ride around Magic Kingdom-well, mostly around because we hopped off at Frontierland. 

 There we rode Big Thunder Mountain and then the boys were able to ride it again because of Nonna and Pops’ extra Fast Passes.  Keaton is able to ride these roller coasters this time and she is so funny-always asking if the ride is fast or if it is going to go upside down.

 Nonna, Pops and Whitman hung out under a porch and sat and waited on us while we went to Splash Mountain to ride it.  By this time it was misting pretty good.  The mist alone wouldn’t have been bad but the constantness of it could have become a problem. 

 While we were on Splash Mountain our silly ride stopped while we were at an outside part and we just sat in the mist.  Of course that would have been absolutely fine if we had been wearing our ponchos.  We didn’t have them on because they were perfectly packed and ready to go-just in the car!  We really probably wouldn’t have put them on then because just imagine the mess of 6 wet poncho wearing kids.  I probably would have only gotten them out if it would have started pouring and even then I don’t know if I would have opened them.

 After Splash Mountain, we picked up Nonna, Pops and Whitman and went to Pirates of the Caribbean.  I do believe that Whitman loved this ride but he also didn’t like it.  Graham was the one screaming and squealing on this ride-he wasn’t really scared but just noisy as he usually is.

 By this time we were getting hungry and sat in Pecos Bill to eat our lunch.  Today’s meal consisted of the same thing as yesterday but today we pulled out cookies to complete our lunch.  The kids mostly gobbled up their lunches and then we headed back through the mist to the Haunted Mansion.

 Whitman was happily riding on that ride until it stopped briefly and the man spoke about the ride stopping-but the voice was a pretty scary Haunted Mansion voice and this caused Whitman to crawl out over the safety bar and into my lap.  He had had enough haunting!  Once the ride started again, he was fine and all was well.

 Pops’ favorite ride was next: Small World and then we went right across the way to Mickey’s Philharmagic.  That little 3D show was probably really good-but my eyes were heavy so I just snuggle with Whitman and closed my eyes.  And to be honest, I will admit that I also snoozed on Small World.  No, I don’t think that I have become narcoleptic on this trip-Pops, Nonna and even Robby had their eyes closed during Small World.  I hope that Disney people don’t read this and ban us from the park!

 Robby thought that he was leading us to the Ariel ride but instead we walked into a Belle story time event.  Campbell was chosen to be Belle’s father and Keaton was chip the little teacup.  Eventually Belle came and they performed the story for Belle.  The kids were able to take their pictures with Belle at the end but she didn’t sign their autograph books which greatly disappointed Reagan.

 Then we did make it to Ariel’s Grotto.  The line for it was pretty short so we were on it in no time.  And then we walked towards Tomorrowland.  On the way Robby stopped and bought some popcorn and we sat and had a snack.  Then we let the kids trade pins two different times-this is a highlight of their day.  Everyone left with a few different pins and then we told them we had one last ride.

 The Buzz Lightyear ride was next on the list.  My boys get a bit competitive on this ride and I do think that Whitman will be just like them-his hands never left that gun.  I usually beat Robby on this ride and I believe that I did this time (though I don’t remember my score nor have I heard his)

 Of course our “one last ride” turned into two more-Buzz and the People Mover.  I probably enjoy the People Mover more than anyone else. I think that it is one of my favorites because it is a perfect time to rest and cool off for a bit when the weather is blazing hot.  Though the weather by this time was pretty perfect and the breezy ride was pretty nice. 

 Then we had another monorail ride and then a short walk to the car.  People were filing into the park all dressed up and ready for the Mickey’s Halloween party.  Some of the kids were a bit bummed that we were not staying for that (seriously though 75 bucks extra per ticket-not gonna happen Dennie kids).  But once Robby mentioned swimming and then ice cream everyone was very, very happy.

 We went back to the house and started heating up our chicken spaghetti while the kids swam.  Whitman had fallen asleep on the stroller ride back to the car and continued his nap during swim time-this is his second day to miss swimming.  The pool must have been pretty cold today because my people just stayed mainly in the hot tub.

 Supper was adequate-we made chicken spaghetti and it was too cheesy.  I guess that we probably should have looked for our recipe instead of just making it up.  The kids sure seemed to love it though and we will kill the rest of our hunger tonight with ice cream. 

 We cleaned up the supper dishes while the big 3 worked on their Bible study so they won’t be behind next week when we go back.  After we were all finished, we loaded up and headed to a little ice cream spot that Pops and I had spotted when we were out buying groceries the other day.

 It was a few miles away but so cute.  It was a new version of the ice cream place in Niagara-just a bit ice cream cone shaped building.  This one had sprinkles that were all lit up which made it that much cuter.  Robby let everyone pick exactly what they wanted: Reagan picked out an ice cream cookie sandwich, Anderson an ice cream taco, Graham chose ice cream with cookie dough, Campbell picked chocolate ice cream with Reece's pieces, Keaton ordered sprinkles and Whitman asked for chocolate (but we ordered him vanilla-it is much neater!)

 After eating outside, we headed home and the kids quickly put on their pjs and headed to bed.  They were a bit wound up and when I went in to tell everyone good night, Reagan and Keaton were holding hands-Keaton told me that they were going to hold hands all night long!  Glad they love each other.

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