October 23, 2015

Thursday Night Crew Halloween!

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  • I think that my kiddos could have slept a bit longer this morning but alas school must be accomplished.  The kids had their breakfast and then we started on school.  
  • This morning school was a bit crazier than usual but we were still moving along well.  Near lunch, everyone had finished except Reagan who was still working when I started filling up the boxes for Monday's school.  This is when things got excited-I discovered 2 days (4 pages) of math behind Anderson's school boxes.
  • Hmm, this caused a dilemma for me-was this some type of freak accident that 2 days of math became dislodged and fell behind his drawers or was this done on purpose.  I chose to believe the first-that is was just an accident.  Surely the child is too smart to not do his math and hide them there, why not throw them away?
  • Now to answer your question-the same one that Reagan and Robby asked me: don't you check his work?  Yes, I do but the kids give me about 10 pages each a day of work and multiply that times 4 is easily overwhelming-overwhelming enough that I don't realize what is turned in apparently.
  • Even though I gave Anderson the benefit of the doubt, he was not pleased with having to do his math.  He claimed that he had no idea of what to do and had himself a good little fit.  I was only making him do 2 pages and made it clear that the other page would be done this weekend.  He flopped, he flailed, he cried, he screamed and he claimed that he couldn't find a quiet place in the house to work.
  • I can probably agree with that-not finding a quiet place in the house to work.  I suggested every room in the house but he quickly found a problem with everyone one of those room-he finally ended up working in the garage.  And to that, I do not care as long as you get your work done.
  • Yesterday, the kids all helped me make pasta salad for lunch this afternoon.  They boiled the pasta, they cut the tomatoes, they cooked the bacon and they sliced the cheese- and they refused to eat it today!  I knew it would be a stretch but goodness, I am sure they were starving tonight at supper.
  • This afternoon flew by and I was scrambling around 3 trying to get everyone ready for the Fall party at the Nutrition center and then our get together at the Penningtons.  
  • Now, there is a reason that we tried on all of our Halloween costumes last week. The goal of laying everything out a week before was to make things run more smoothly and it would have worked-had half of my people not changed their costumes this afternoon.  Seriously, that is 3 different costumes we had to pull out and throw on.  
  • Thankfully, we were able to leave at a decent time and I left with a pirate, ninja, Abe Lincoln, another pirate, Elsa and Buzz Lightyear.  The Nutrition Center was fun and they had games for the kids to play, snacks and everyone was even able to make some slime.
  • Robby had met us there and we followed each other to the Penningtons house.  The kids were crazy excited about seeing their buddies in their Halloween costumes.  After we took pictures, they played, ate, played some more, made a craft, played some more and April even sent over a picture of after we got home of her boys' bedroom with their mattresses off of the bed-I guess the kids really had a good time!...and maybe we should have watched them a bit more.

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