October 21, 2015

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  • I served my treadmill time early this morning and hurried to be in my normal spot when the boys started waking up. I didn't make it to the kitchen in time and since I was in late last night from bunko, I am sure when they walked down the stairs and I was not right there they thought that I had yet to return home.  Though they didn't seem overly concerned about my whereabouts nor did they seemed surprised to see me when I emerged from the bathroom.
  • We had our breakfast and then Campbell, Keaton, Reagan and I started working on adding letters to Whitman's Thomas the train book.  We worked until it was time to leave for Bible study.  I tell you, I am so surprised how well Whitman has started going into his classrooms-all of them.  It was just a few months ago that his teachers were having to pull him off of me.
  • My group went to eat at a local church-St. something or another (I forgot which one it was!)  They had a pavilion that we ate under and then the kids loved playing on the playground until time to go.  We had already seen Beebee this week so we arrived home about an hour earlier than usual which was very, very nice.
  • After unloading the car, we worked on our chores and then all of our together work.  My boys were not too happy that we had to do our together work despite the piece of candy that I let them eat during this work.  Really though, how could you not like that time of the day-laying in the floor with someone reading to you and candy in your mouth?  I wouldn't mind that at all...except I would probably fall sound asleep if I wasn't the one reading out loud.
  • The afternoon went by with quite a bit of drama from Graham.  I stayed uber calm with him and he did eventually calm down.  His days like that are getting fewer so that is nice but Campbell is following close in his footsteps-5 is a hard age, so is 7, and 3, as well as 2, in addition to 10 and even 8!  (37 hasn't been too bad though!)
  • Church tonight with a stop at the library on the way.  The kids all love Wednesday night and then home for showers and cookies before bed!

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