October 27, 2015

Stairs full of love (and silliness!)

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  • Today was school day for Keaton and as soon as she finished her yogurt and toast she was ready to go and see Ms. Jennifer. Today she had on a pumpkin shirt that had the date 2002 on it-not really sure where it came from but she sure was proud to show it off.
  • The rest of us took a bit more time with breakfast and then started on school.  The house stayed much straighter during the day since Keaton wasn't there but it still took until 12:20 to finish school.  Then it was time for lunch followed by some reading.
  • I am reading a Halloween book at lunch and parts of it were pretty spooky today so during chores, Graham thought he would scare me and sat a pumpkin on the couch with a baseball hat on its head.  I caught on pretty quick but Whitman didn't seem to mind and accepted the pumpkin as another brother!
  • The kids made spaghetti for supper during our chores and then we threw out all of our old candy-I really think that candy from last Halloween is a bit expired!  And probably yucky too!  I did let them keep 15 pieces but the had a hard time finding 15 that were still worth anything.  Sure hope the forecasted rain doesn't mess up their candy getting plans.
  • This afternoon was spent with the kids playing and me switching out Anderson and Graham's clothes. The third time Campbell came upstairs she said "why aren't you finished by now?"  Seriously?  That child!  I thought I was moving pretty swiftly but apparently not.
  • Robby and Keaton came home and we had our spaghetti for supper before we went upstairs for work on our picture album from our big road trip-we are pretty far behind.  The kids played the xbox, played a few board games and did a lot of roughhousing.  They should have been tired but this will be the second time I have gone upstairs to encourage the girls to hush up!  Wish me luck-or maybe I should say, wish them luck!

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