October 15, 2015

Celebrating Uncle Jason's Birthday!

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  • I wasn't up as early this morning as I have been other days this week but I still up before the kiddos.  I know that if we went to real school, they would already be on their way to school by the time they have to wake up.  But I still hate to wake them up every morning and what frustrates me is that I know on Saturday when we can all sleep late, they will all wake up early!
  • As soon as wake Anderson up each morning. he scurried down the stairs and up the stairs to go and play with the legos.  That is all that boy can think of-playing legos.  I do think that is a pretty good hobby though so even if I have to call him for breakfast a zillion times, I don't mind.
  • So on Tuesday, the kids were still finishing school at 4 but today everyone was finished by noon.  Their work load was just the same but hopefully they are now back in the swing of things-yes, I know that since I said that school will take forever tomorrow.  (It will take a bit longer since Keaton is home and she adds just one more element to our school day.)
  • After school, we had lunch and then cleaned up.  Then Campbell and I worked on making some banana bread-3 recipes of banana bread.  This morning I grabbed my last loaf of bread from the freezer and at lunch Anderson was beyond himself with excitement that it wasn't banana bread as I had thought but it was pumpkin bread.  
  • During Whitman's nap, we did our together work and our science talked about Noah and the floor along with rainbows which is what we have been talking about at night time as well.  Then we played 2 games before the boys went upstairs to play on the xbox.
  • I was on the treadmill while the played and it was pretty funny.  Graham was so animated-he would scream, groan, yell, jump, flail, clap and holler at his team and Anderson was pretty stoic and would occasionally walk around with his chest all puffed out.  They were pretty evenly matched but Graham ended up beating Anderson during second overtime.  While I was on the treadmill, I would cheer and boo each team until Anderson finally asked "who are you rooting for?"
  • When Robby came home, we loaded up and went to Nonna's house to celebrate Jason's belated birthday.  Pops made hamburgers and Nonna had all of the fixings.  Supper was good and everyone enjoyed the cake and ice cream after Jason blew out his candles.
  • Once at home, it was time for showers since the kids had played outside at Nonna's house.  On the way home, Robby said that he wished that we had 6 shower stalls right beside each other-that sure would make showers a lot easier!

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