October 28, 2015


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  • I do believe that every single weekday since we have started school this year (July) I have been awake before the kids.  Most days I am awake at least 20 minutes before they wake up but on Wednesdays I am usually up lots earlier....but not today.  I heard my alarm go off as usual but hit snooze (I thought) and the next thing that I knew was Robby saying that he was a bad influence on me causing me to stay in bed.
  • I jumped out of bed and started moving and thankfully with Robby's help we were able to get out the door in time clothed, fed and with most of our chores accomplished for the day.  At Bible study the 3 big kids classes came in for the opening time to see a video about the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.  I always enjoy watching them in class.
  • And I believe that Keaton enjoys watching Whitman in his class.  They have music together and each week she tells me all about what Whitman did during music.  Lunch was at Rock Creek today and the kids were rowdy but that was fine since the place was empty for a while.  The first families that were there we ran off-can you just imagine the looks of disdain we get when 4 of us arrive with 15 kids?
  • Once at home, we did some school work which surprisingly no one was too excited about.  Then it was quiet time this afternoon for a little bit-they watched a few shows and before we knew it, it was supper time.  
  • The big 3 sang during prayer meeting and Anderson was pretty bummed that we weren't there to see him-we were on the other side of the building doing our job.  But I am sure they did wonderful.  Tonight after church, everyone had showers and then some cheese and crackers before bed.  

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