October 26, 2015

Is there another way to eat cereal?

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  •  Usually the kids all sleep well around here but not last night.  We could hear someone talking in the girls room and when I was awake enough to understand what they were saying, I could hear someone asking if it was time to wake up.  I started to wonder myself so I looked on my phone and saw that it was only 12:30. 
  • I went up there and calmed them down and just a bit later, I heard someone whining, then someone saying "what is wrong with you?" and then I heard the words "I'm scared."  Now this conversation used to happen between Reagan and Campbell so when I went upstairs I walked right to Campbell's bed.  I asked what was wrong and she said "Keaton is scared like I used to be."
  • I brought her downstairs and laid her down beside our bed.  Then after we slept for a while, Keaton started coughing and coughing and that child did not quit until I had given her a few sips of water.  Finally, we were able to sleep for the rest of the night and not only did I have a hard time waking up, it was pretty hard for me to wake up the rest of the kids on this cool fall morning.
  • We had our cereal for breakfast and then started on school.  Mondays are always pretty hard days to get back into the swing of things but we survived and everyone finished school with fairly good attitudes. Notice how I tried to spin that in a positive light-seriously, we survived and everyone did finally finish their work and their chores.  We do need to work on doing everything with excellence around here but the morning did go fine.
  • We had our lunch and then it was time for our together work.  After that Whitman took his nap while I worked on changing out his clothes.  That is always a chore but one down and only 5 more to go!  I finished that just in time to pass out the kids afternoon snack-apples, grapes, milk and some candy. 
  • Robby came home and then we had supper.  The kids all had showers while Robby hung up some hat hooks in the boys closet and then the girls played a game or two before bedtime!

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