October 25, 2015-Happy Birthday (party) Pops!

Celebrating Pops' birthday!

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  • "Why are the outside chairs in the yard?" was one of the first questions that we heard this morning.  Oh, that was a simple answer-well, we saw a possum and it crawled into a tree while Robby was shooting at it with a bb gun. And the more he shot at that thing, the less it moved from its spot on the tree.  He tried throwing rocks (that we had to get from inside the house since we have picked up all of them from that area of the yard) but unfortunately most of his rocks missed.  The bbs still weren't scaring him away so he chunked some chairs at the possum but that possum was playing, well, he was playing possum and didn't move at all.  
  • What was I doing during all of this? Standing right by the kitchen door ready to run in and slam that door leaving Robby outside to fend for himself if need be-I did not plan to be supper for a possum or even a bear (they spotted one near her not to long ago) so that was also on my mind.  We all made it into the house safely though.
  • This morning the kids woke up and my boys voices were still pretty hoarse from all of the cheering on that they did yesterday.  We all got ready for church and then headed that direction.  We had time to check in with all of the grandparents before church started.
  • Robby left after church with Whitman and Keaton so he could get lunch warm since Pops birthday dinner was our house today.  Now, Pops wasn't feeling all that great but he managed to come for his party and I do think that seeing his favorite grands cheered him up a bit and made him feel better.  
  • Lunch was good and the little girls were pleased that they had made it all-from start to finish.  The dessert was chocolate cake and it was decent-I had to make a critical substitution in it but it turned out well (well enough that I plan to eat some tonight after I finish this!)
  • We had a nap this afternoon-Robby had a harder time ignoring the kids and resting than I did.  I was able to take a wonderful nap and think that I might even try again for another one next Sunday.  Once we all woke up, it was time for church.  
  • After church tonight, Campbell looked at me and said "well, he just talked pretty much the entire time."  Um, yep, that wasn't her first sermon to sit through.  I don't know what she expected Patrick to do as he preached but talking was apparently not it at all.
  • Once at home, we had a quick bite to eat and then ice cream truck arrived. The kids were still a bit tired from last night but hopefully they will wake up right at 7:15-not too early but not so late that I have to wake them up. 

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