October 24, 2015

First Game for the  boys and 4 Overtimes!

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  • Late last night, the Wilsons called to ask if the boys and Robby would like to go to the game this morning.  When Robby told the boys where they were going this morning, you could tell that they were both excited but Graham was the most excited.  Around midnight, I went upstairs to pick out their clothes and saw that my Anderson was sound asleep but holding tightly to his Razorback hat.
  • Robby woke me up right before he woke the boys up and I helped them get into their clothes and then saw them off.  I realized that I needed to get a picture and went to get my camera-when I found the boys, they were sitting buckled in the car ready to go.
  • I crawled back into bed and slept until the girls all joined me at 7:30.  I was able to ignore them until 8:30 and then the girls wanted breakfast.  I suggested cinnamon rolls but they wanted poptarts so I had certainly agreed.  The girls were up early because today was going to be a good day for them too-ears pierced for Campbell and the night at Nonna and Pops' house for Reagan.
  • We worked around the house a bit and then around ten left for the grocery store and then to the ear piercing place.  I even offered for Keaton to pierce her ears and she replied with "never ever"-she even cried a bit worrying about Campbell.  
  • Campbell was super brave though she wanted to hold my hand.  Two ladies did her ears at the same time so once they had marked her ears, it was over in a flash.  And that is when my Campbell did not say a thing for a very long time-I thought that she was about to completely fall apart but she was fine and thrilled to show her new earrings off.
  • Our next stop was Nonna's house for lunch.  We ate over there and looked for the boys on tv.  Robby said that the drive there wasn't bad and the rain was minimal.  And the boys had a blast-he said they were so intent on watching everything and when they finally made it home (after eating supper in Fayetteville and ice cream in Conway) my boys were as hoarse as they could be.
  • We left Reagan with Pops and they headed out along with Jason for a marathon shopping trip around town.  Reagan managed to find a Christmas gift for herself and even eat out so I think that she had a good evening.  
  • Once we made ti home this afternoon, my girls got to work-they cooked with me for about 2 hours.  They made Mexican casserole, made cheese dip, made rice, made beans and even made a chocolate cake.  They worked and worked-overall they were a lot of help but I still think I could have done it quicker by myself but I sure would have been lonely.  Whitman spent most of this time laying in the kitchen floor watching Thomas on the kindle and playing with his trains.  
  • Whitman eventually had a nap and the girls and I sat on the couch after the kitchen was clean.  Then it was supper time and I had cooked enough-so we had crescent rolls filled with cinnamon and sugar or nutella.  It probably wasn't the most nutritious of supper but it killed hunger.  They asked for dessert but I said no since the other had been so sweet but when we were sent a picture of my boys eating Andy's custard, I had to pull out the ice cream for my crew!
  • When the boys arrived home, they were showered and put to bed-they were still talking as I shut the door on them tonight.  They were still so excited but I am sure that they will sleep pretty soundly after their big day!

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