October 31, 2015-Happy Halloween!

2 Pirates, Buzz. Princess Elsa, Karate Man and Ninja Warrior

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  • Oh, it was so nice to hear the rain falling this morning that it almost made up for all of the noise the kids were making throughout the house.  The boys, who we heard stomping down the stairs at 7:01, were pretty rowdy as they sat on the couch playing football on their kindles.  Soon everyone but Keaton and Whitman were awake.
  • Robby made cinnamon rolls and really before we were able to do anything on our list, it was time to get dressed and leave for the day.  The early afternoon at Nonna's house while Robby and I worked at GS Fest.  
  • We worked for the concessions and since the weather had scared most people off of GS Fest the crowds were light and so we didn't have a whole lot to do.  The original Dennie plan had been to bring the kids after we worked but the weather had been threatening so we brought them last night and I kicked myself all afternoon-they could have rode ride after ride today.  Robby suggested having Pops bring some of them but they had shorts and no jackets so that wouldn't have worked.  They had a blast last night though and that was enough to last them for a while.
  • After Robby and I finished our shift, we went and rode down the slide before picking up the kids.  We were only home for a bit and then it was time to get dressed for our Halloween evening.  The kids have not had quite a bit of practice getting into their costumes so it didn't take them long at all to throw them on and head out the door.
  • The first stop was Grannymom's house and she was passing out big candy which started their night off right.  Then right down the road to see Lilli and Cash and on to Sonic for 50 cent corndogs for supper.  Next up was Nonna's house and we stopped by a few of her neighbors before heading to our main event.
  • The Browns had popcorn, candy and cotton candy and my people could not wait to get there.  We hit quite a few houses in their neighborhood.  The kids were troopers and carried their heavy buckets and walked and walked without too much complaining!  Whitman spent most of his time in the wagon eating the candy that he had just gotten from the house before.  If he saw a lollipop in house's candy bucket, he would reach in and grab it, try to sit on their porch so he could open and eat that candy!
  • Once at home, everyone neeeded showers and then they spent some time sorting and looking at their loot.  We let everyone have one more piece of candy and then bedtime.

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