October 29, 2015

Home School Halloween

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  • This is the second day in a row that I was moving slowly this morning but the kids were not.  The kids were quickly moving around getting dressed, doing chores (seriously, Graham was asking what his chores were before I had finished my cereal) and fixing their own breakfasts.
  • Graham, Keaton and Whitman left this morning not to take Keaton to school but to run to Sams for a bit.  This was Keaton's school day but she decided to skip since our homeschool buddies all came over.  While they were gone, we worked on picking up this house and even did a bit of school.
  • Soon after Robby and the kids arrived home, our guests started showing up and I was still making the kids lunch.  Last night I asked them what they would eat other than sandwiches (I was trying to get out of making sandwiches) and someone suggested mac and cheese.  Then someone else added that they wanted bacon in it and since I had both in the pantry, that is what I was busy making as our party got started.
  • The Kamps, Heltz, Skinners, Stotts and Powells were all over and as Reagan said in a thank you note that she wrote after they left "it was so much fun."  Our first activity was painting a fall tree and then Sara made a catapult with some of the bigger kids.  There wasn't enough supplies for everyone to make one so I told Reagan that we would but the supplies and make one-but it looks like most everyone left theirs over here so we have plenty!
  • After the catapult, it was lunch time and we all ate lunch in the kitchen and on the patio-17 kids, 6 moms and Robby (who was working from home and hiding in his office)-that is a full house!  After lunch, we worked on measuring and weighing our pumpkins.  I had 2 different pages of pumpkin math-one of the little kids and one for the big ones.  The little ones even had to see if their pumpkin would sink or float so that was a lot of fun-and my Whitman quickly spotted that water and dumped it over on himself.  That helped the dirt stick better to him while he was in the dirt pile.  
  • Then it was time for a scavenger hunt-my little people took it more seriously than my big ones.  All of the big kids marked that they found a feather but no one was able to show it to us.  Interesting.  Maybe they were too interested in the cupcakes that we had pulled out for a snack.
  • Pretty much after the kids went outside into the wet, muddy and leafy yard, then we didn't let them back in the house.  Whitman had at least 2 inches of dirt caked on his body-and that was what was under his clothes.  The kids played and played during this beautiful day and had a great time.  Everyone was gone by 3 and then we did what you do when everyone leaves your house-clean it back up!
  • The kids all worked hard (well, Campbell did not and completely fell apart-she is my only kid though who will usually feel sorry for acting poorly and come to me and apologize while in tears)  It didn't take too long and the house was back in order and the kids were all showered.
  • Robby and I finished a picture album from our big trip and then we started on supper.  The kids could not wait to finish their supper because afterwards was pumpkin carving time.  Pretty much every year some Dennie is terrified of the pumpkin goo and this year was no different-We enjoyed torturing Whitman for a little bit and then got to work.  
  • This year, like last, we used the drill for one of the pumpkins and this was a big hit and then we carved some star wars something or another.  Personally, I thought that Robby was a bit nuts pulling out a real something or another to carve and not just a scary face.  It didn't take too long for us all to finish and then go outside to see our pumpkins lit up.
  • Keaton was terrified outside with the lights off-she was worried about someone stealing our pumpkins and someone getting us.  I tried my best to explain that no one was in the yard at all-I think she will be terrified when we go camping!
  • After the pumpkin carving was over, it was time for bedtime and my people were tired, tired!  And so was I!

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