October 22, 2015

Celebrating the Fall!

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  • Thursday morning and the boys of course were the first ones up but soon the girls were coming downstairs.  Most of the kids ended up in bed with Robby for a few minutes before I started getting Keaton ready for school.  She is always ready to go but today was her fall party so she couldn't get dressed fast enough.
  • We had our breakfast and then saw Keaton and some of the crew off.  Robby went since he was the driver and Whitman always goes on Thursdays to drop Keaton off.  When Whitman is not here, we can really get school work done a bit quicker.  The rest of the kids have to take turns to take Keaton and today was Reagan's turn.  She was a bit worried about getting her school finished this morning but was still anxious to go.
  • They had a big time-big time for my people means Sonic happy hour!  And the rest of us were at home, working as fast and furious as we could.  By the time they came home, Campbell was finished with school and I had finished working with the boys.  Reagan jumped right in to her work and as soon as I had checked her math, I was out the door for Keaton's party.
  • I hurried to church and they were eating their cookies.  Keaton was so happy to see me and loved her party-especially the games and goodie bag.  Once the party was over, we ran to Walgreens and then I dropped Keaton off for her Nonna day.  They had lunch, took a walk, played baby dolls, made cookies and then came home.
  • When I came home, I put up school and then we had lunch.  After lunch, everyone helped pick up some and soon it was time for us to work together. The kids all worked on their crafts while we recited our memory work-Reagan and Campbell were making Halloween countdown chains, Graham was lego-ing and Anderson was playing with a sticker book.  
  • The afternoons always seem to fly by around here-I usually stay busy but can't really tell you what I did!  After a while Robby did make our supper and we all ate.  Then the evening was pretty much like the afternoon-lots of busyness but not a whole lot accomplished.
  • Keaton and Reagan did work on her new legos and most everyone watched/helped and ate some of the rice krispy treats that Robby made and some folks had a shower.  Tonights Bible study was about the Tower of Babel and then it was bedtime!  And I don't think that I am too far behind them since my eyes are already getting heavy-hope the last part of the blog makes sense tonight!

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