October 20, 2015

Breakfast for supper!

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  • 7:00 is the magic hour and that meant the boys were up and going. The girls weren't far behind and soon we were getting Keaton ready so she could head out for school.
  • Keaton and Robby left for school and everyone dove into their school work.  You never know who is going to the most focused for the day but today it was Graham and he was the first one done with all his school work.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa picked up Keaton from school and they had an afternoon of fun outside was they planted some flowers for Grannymom, took Keaton's baby on a walk and enjoyed the great weather.
  • Here at home, Whitman went down for an early nap since we had a big afternoon. Well, not that big, but taking 6 kids for their flu vaccines is no small matter around here.  Soon we were waking Whitman up (so fast we forgot his shoes) and headed to All for Kids.
  • Robby met us at the the clinic and we checked in and headed to the waiting room.  There's just no way to be quiet with that many kids and toys to play with and fish to look at. They called us back and the nurse quickly sized us up.  The plan was for everyone to get the mist vaccine except Anderson (due to his asthma).  But since we didn't know how well Whitman could breathe in, we decided on the shot.  He handled it like a champ.  Two of the kids who will remain nameless (G & C) may have only gotten half their dose - they decided to breathe out instead of breathe in so we'll see how the flu season goes around here.
  • With Robby at the clinic, that meant when were done he could take the kids and I could go shopping.  (Well, first I had to go get my own flu shot at Target.)  No serious shopping but I had promised the kids new pillows to go with their new beds plus trying to knock out a bit of Christmas shopping or at least stocking stuffers. Then I was off to Bunko for the night.
  • Robby got everyone home and the boys headed off to play the Xbox, Whitman found the Kindle for Thomas and the girls all played with their dolls.  Robby fixed supper - a kid favorite around here:  waffles with strawberries, whip cream, syrup and sausage.
  • The Wilson's text about walking and Robby took them up on their offer so the kids could play and he could squeeze in a bit of exercising.  The kids played and after the walking session, they headed home to get ready for bed and lights out.

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