October 14, 2015

Decades Night at 3:16 Live!

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  • Bible study morning and I do believe that the kids could have slept a bit longer today.  I did let them snooze until almost 7:20 before going upstairs to wake everyone up.  
  • Everyone helped with their chore before we had our breakfast and then it was back to Bible study.  Everyone was happy to see their friends and my Whitman still walked happily right into his class.  When I picked him up today he was very pleased to tell me that he played on the playground.
  • After Bible study, we went to the park with our buddies.  The kids had their lunch and then they all walked around on the trail-at one point, we the moms looked up and couldn't really see any of our kids.  They were all just behind the trees playing.  Later we heard that they were playing "1900s"-what a bunch of homeschool dorks!
  • After lunch, we ran by Dana's to pick up a costume for Reagan and then on to see Beebee.  She was happy to see everyone and they told her all about their trip.  Whitman mostly just talked about her candy and shoved candy in his mouth the entire time that we were there.
  • Once at home, the boys and then Reagan and then Campbell went outside to rake some leaves.  The boys did work hard and asked if they could earn a kindle game so in a moment of weakness, I obliged.  This is what caused the girls to go out and work and even though Reagan worked pretty hard by herself, her pile wasn't as big as the boys and Campbell's pile wasn't really a pile at all.  I did make sure that the kids understood that this would be their last reward for raking leaves because we will all work together to finish that job later this year!
  • The missing soccer goal did return-it disappeared while we were gone on our trip.  I saw it in the woods-it possibly could have floated down the hill and into a tree had we had a torrential rain storm but this one looks like it was thrown into the woods.  The net is busted but at least we could still play a game.  Silly neighbors-
  • The afternoon flew by and soon we were getting ready for tonight.  The little kids were to dress as their favorite Bible character tonight at church.  They all dressed as Samuel and wore their pajamas.  The big kids had decades night so Reagan wore a 70s costume and the boys dressed as men from the 50s.  
  • While walking into church, I had almost convinced Reagan that it might not have been Decades night!  She was just about to be mortified that she was all dressed up on the wrong night-she soon caught on and was relieved.  
  • After church, we had a snack and then it was bedtime-Wednesdays are a long, long day!

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