October 30, 2015

Buzz meets a lion!

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  • Breakfast this morning was all fruit-apples, grapes, strawberries, mandarin oranges and even raisins.  Goodness though, I did forget to pull out the applesauce.  Anyway, this fruity breakfast pleased some people and did not please others at all.  
  • The kids had worked a bit on today's school on Wednesday and yesterday so they had much less than a normal day.  But Graham was the only one finished around 10 or bit before.  We didn't have much extra time built into our day so the others just had to stop working since we had something more important to do.
  • In the attic in the bonus room, Robby hung a few pieces of sheet rock and it was a perfect place for the kids to paint.  But it had been so hot this summer that we never got around to it and we almost waited until it was too cold.  The kids all lined up and everyone had their own space and they painted away.  It was pretty interesting to watch them paint-Reagan could have painted for another hour and Whitman was finished in a few minutes.  Anderson meticulously painted the solar system while Graham just did a "messy painting"-his words.  Campbell copied off Reagan which upset Reagan so Campbell changed hers and Keaton did not want for her paint to mix at times and at other times she would smear it all around on her plate before painting anything.  
  • This activity took us to lunch time which was the start of our next activity.  A few days ago Reagan's reading was a recipe that she then had to answer questions on.  She wrote on the top of the page when she turned it in that she wanted to make it sometime.  So for lunch we made pancakes-this is probably my second time to make them but with the kids help, they turned out pretty good.  Actually they were good enough that we all ate 2 full recipes of pancakes.
  • The kids had time to finish their school work while I straightened for a bit.  Then everyone donned their costumes and we headed out to the fall fest at Beebee's place.  The chairs and tables in the dining room had been moved and the room was full of residents in their wheelchairs.  They were playing games and my kids jumped in line behind some of them.  The prize for each game was not just a piece of candy but a bag of candy.  I let the kids play all of the games and let's just say that the kids loaded up.  Anderson's bucket was so full that he could not have put one more piece of candy in his bucket.
  • Then it was time for the "Cake Roll"-that would be a cake walk for lots of wheelchair bound folks.  Reagan invented that term!  Well, when one Dennie won a snack cake then we had to keep playing until all of them won something.  It was a good think that Keaton was playing because she was the winner 4 times.  Each time she won, she would let a different sibling pick out what they wanted.  
  • After we all had won, then it was time for some food-punch, apples and caremel dip and smores dip.  This of course made my people very happy.  After eating a bit, then it was time to head back home.
  • We were home for only a bit and then we loaded up again for GS Fest.  The first stop was supper-the kids are doing the Book It program with Pizza Hut so the 4 big kids all earned their own personal pan pizza.  This was a big hit and we all ate our supper in the car while watching the line form at GS Fest.
  • It started sprinkling while we were in the car and we started to worry about the weather but thankfully the rain held off-at least until we left.  The kids road quite a few rides-the entire time Whitman was on the roller coaster, he was shouting "stop, stop."  Anderson and Reagan were the thrill seekers and rode one crazy ferris wheel ride that spun quite a bit.  I even rode on some scrambler thing and gracious me, that will be my last ride for a while!  Robby had already been on a spinny ride with the kids so it was my turn.  Unfortunately, Graham and Campbell were just not quite tall enough to ride things without an adult. 
  • After the rides we moved on to the jumpies and then I had a snack from a booth from El Salvador.  I am not sure what it was but it was tortilla filled with cheese and pork, only 2 dollars and it was delicious.  I might just have one tomorrow if they are there in the rain.  
  • Of course my kids weren't too thrilled with leaving but when we pulled into McDonalds for a drink, ice cream and to share a few cookies everyone was thrilled again.  We ate and then home for bed-busy day!

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