October 18, 2015

Ice Cream Truck!

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  • We were a little out of practice getting up for a Sunday morning so our normally leisurely Sunday doughnuts became "grab a poptart on the way to the car" type of breakfast.  All that mattered was that we made it to church on time with full tummies.  Of course this did leave the house a wreck for our return home later in the afternoon.
  • The kids did well in church-Campbell does so much better in the mornings than in the evenings. But she survived both services without having to be taken out so that is a good thing. We had a record for our third grade class-6 and this continues to be such a huge difference than the usual 16 from last year. 
  • Grannymom had made quiche for lunch and I do believe that it is one of my boys favorite meals.  Whitman on the other hand was too busy climbing up and down the barstool for him to stop and eat-even his ice cream.  The kids really wanted to go outside and today would have been a perfect day to play outside but Anderson was wearing a brand new pair of pants so nope, no outside today.
  • Once at home, Robby and I tried to take a nap but the kids continued to interrupt.  I believe that we both slept about 20 minutes and then that was about it.  Campbell and Keaton eventually laid upstairs with me for a few minutes but by that time, my alarm was already ringing for me to get up.
  • Church tonight and then home for ice cream truck.  This is still a favorite of the kids-and a favorite of mine too since I am planning on my own ice cream truck to come in a few minutes!

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