October 16, 2015

Look who found the cereal!

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  • Even though Campbell had helped me make banana bread muffins yesterday she had no intention at all of eating them this morning for breakfast.  I said that was fine but offered up no other choices.  I finally did relent and tell them that after they tried their muffins they could have some cereal as well.  So my girls tried their muffins and sure enjoyed putting butter on them.  Then I looked over and saw Reagan glaring at me-she was NOT going to eat a banana muffin.  Even though she had eaten pumpkin bread the day before, she was not trying this.  So she just sat and watched while the others ate and then when they all had a little bowl of cereal to top of their breakfast, she also had one.  Gracious me!
  • After Robby left we started on school and the one thing that I find amazing is that the days that Keaton is home, the house is just trashed by the end of the school day.  I have no idea what the difference is when she is home or why Whitman and Campbell do not make such a mess when Keaton is not home.
  • Thankfully, I had plenty of time between working with each kid this morning to straighten.  I had just about finished the downstairs when the clock struck 12 and I started feeling like I should start on lunch.
  • After lunch, we did our chores and then started work on our Christmas Child boxes and then even picked out Halloween costumes.  I am a bit bummed since I couldn't get Reagan or Campbell to dress as a pirate-but as long as they are happy and as long as I do not have to buy anything!
  • The boys played on the xbox again for a bit this afternoon while the girls watched movies.  And pretty early in the evening, we all loaded up to head to Grannymom's house.  Since we were out of town and they were out of town, we haven't seen them in a few weeks.  
  • We ate pizza at their house and then played a game of kickball.  The other team tied it up just as it was finally time to go.  The game was fun at first but then once it started to get dark, it was a bit harder to play.  The most memorable part of the night was when I had to retrieve a ball from the neighbors garage-just imagine me on my hands and knees using their broom to shove a ball out from under their car.  Thankfully they didn't come outside and find me (I do know that breaking and entering will never be a hobby of mine.) 

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