October 11, 2015-The Long Way to and from Disney (Day 12)

Eating Good at The Varsity!

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We had planned to wake up at 7 this morning but the kids were still sleeping which made it pretty hard for us to wake up.  Anderson had already climbed in our bed and going from a double bed at the Disney house to a king at this motel-we hardly noticed him.  

While Robby was getting ready, I opened the balcony doors and everyone started waking up.  Campbell, though, woke up in a bad mood crying for me to close the windows!  But on the other side of the room, I heard a door opening and closing along with some giggling.  I then found Whitman standing up in his pack n play opening and closing the door to the bathroom.  For the last two nights, his pack n play has been shoved into the bathroom.  When it was time for us to put him in bed, I would have to squeeze through the 5 inches that we could get the door open with his bed in the bathroom and then Robby would have to hand me all of Whitman’s necessities-trains, pillow, Sully, Snoopy and some milk.  Then Robby would carefully squeeze Whitman through the opening and once he was laid down, we would have to close the door while pulling the bed towards the door so the toilet would not be pushing into the side of the bed.  The things we do so we can all get a good night’s sleep.

Once we did load up the car, we headed out...except we couldn’t head out at all! There was a car parked right behind us and even though Robby inched forwards and backwards for a while, we still were getting nowhere (literally and figuratively).  Thankfully, when he went in to ask, it was a workers car and they were able to move their car with out us waiting too much longer.

We have just about done everything that we could instead of heading the towards home.  I was beginning to think that Robby had no intentions of going home Monday or even anytime next week.

The first stop was at McDonalds to pick up breakfast for us all.  This was our first McDonalds breakfast on the trip and the kids were very excited about this.  Who wouldn’t be excited about pancakes, sausage, biscuits, potato cake and eggs.  I divided those breakfasts up and the kids dug in.  My Whitman wasn’t a real fan of breakfast but he held his breakfast in his lap until we stopped and whenever Graham tried to grab a bite, Whitman would holler at him.

I jumped out at a roadside attraction to check on pecans but they were still a bit pricey.  I plan to go and gather some this year so I decided that I could wait.  Then we have never been to a Trader Joes store and had recently heard people talking about it.  It was a fun little stop with lots of neat little groceries to buy.  We picked up a few things but the most exciting part was the cookies and cookie butter which was planned to be our snack later in the day but we ran out of time...there is always tomorrow.

We had to drive a little bit out of our way for that stop so what was a few more miles to drive through the Jacksonville Beach area.  We walked down a fishing pier.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see anyone catch any fish but we did see someone catch a bird.  Robby ushered us all on along just in case something not so pretty was to happen next to the poor bird.

The pier walk was a pretty walk but I am afraid that it just made Reagan more upset about having to go home.  She desperately wanted to return to the beach this morning and could not understand why we just couldn’t be gone for one more day.  Anderson told her over and over that Daddy had to go back to work and we had to come home.  His motives are not all that pure-he knows that he has a lego set waiting on him at Nonna’s house and is anxious to pick that up.

Back in the car, we passed out another drink to wash their snack of popcorn from last night’s food tour down.  Then it was listening to church for Robby and I with headphones on and I really have no idea what the kids said or did during that time...I do believe I love those headphones.  I am still wearing them now as I lay down to go to sleep.

After listening to church, we flew on down the road.  We only had to stop at one rest stop for some football and a potty break and then at a gas station for another potty break...and there might have been another potty break somewhere in between.

Of course the traffic near Atlanta really started to pick up and then it started to crawl and the kids, by this time during the day, had become pretty antsy and noisy.  We finally made it to the Varsity and everyone was starving.

Most everyone had hot dogs and Robby and I ate hamburgers along with a fried apple pie, an orange shake and a chocolate shake.  To top it all off we ended the evening at the Varsity with ice cream for all of the kids.  

Then it was on the road again...right into more traffic.  Early in the day we had chosen a hotel that would be a bit further of a drive tonight but help us out tremendously tomorrow.  We probably should have thrown in Atlanta traffic and a few potty stops into our hotel eta.  

The ride to the hotel was smooth but there were a few bumps in the road...we had 2 kids sleeping, had exhausted our selection of movies (not really but we had had enough) and the car was a pretty quiet.  This is when Robby found some music to listen to.  Whitman heard the first little bit and shouted out “I no like this!”  We ignored him but as Robby’s Gaithers continued to play, Whitman shouted again “I no like this!”  Sorry, Pops.  I guess this one isn’t a Gaithers fan.  

Once those Gaithers became a bit too slow to listen to late at night, we turned it to Prestonwood music and that really upset the boy.  Apparently he has a thing against Christian music.  “I no like that! I no like this!” over and over we heard as Robby and I sang along.  Maybe he was upset over our singing!

Most everyone snoozed on the way to the hotel.  They were a pretty tired bunch tonight but hopefully everyone will sleep well. We didn't stop any after supper which greatly helped with our time and everyone was bedded down by 11:40.

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