August 10, 2016

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  • I heard the boys before I was even out of bed this morning.  Whitman was with them and they were all going strong.  Soon Campbell was awake and we started on our breakfast.  Keaton was still sleeping so I just let her sleep until Grannymom and Grandpa came over.
  • Grandpa came over to work on a plug for Reagan's shelf.  She will soon be able to have a book light and clock on her shelf...right now she had just stuffed her pillows up there! He worked for a while and while he worked, Keaton ate her breakfast upstairs with Grannymom and Whitman ate again.  
  • We accomplished a lot this morning and I told Robby that we needed a day free from school every week.  We could just do school 4 days a week but would have to miss out on Bible study.  We did laundry, the boys finished their school, we organized the boys toys in their room and the girls and I worked on cleaning the carpet in the living room.  We need a productive day every once in a while.
  • Nonna and Pops came at noon bringing lunch for us.  When Robby asked the kids about their lunch at supper time, they said that it was the best lunch ever-lunchables, fruit, lemonade and a cupcake.  It was a good lunch and I was pretty pleased with my turkey sandwich that they brought for me.  (Now, I have to pack lunch tomorrow for the pool and I think that they aren't going to be too pleased when they compare.)
  • This afternoon, I finished working with Anderson and quickly did Keaton's reading book with her.  Then since it was cloudy (kind of) I cuddled on the couch and took a brief nap before getting on the treadmill.  Shannon did drop by to use our laundromat briefly in the middle of my treadmill so that was a much needed break.
  • I finished just a few minutes before Robby came home and even though I had mentioned a host of supper choices, he opted for hambrugers.  Campbell added to that-a can of kidney beans.  Robby could hardly choke them down (we like them-but just in a big pot of chili) but the kids gobbled them up.  
  • After we ate, we all headed outside to pick up sticks while Robby mowed.  The kids worked for a while (as long as I was constantly reminding them to get back to work and pick up those sticks)  Then I also helped mow while the kids played ball and ate popsicles.
  • Tonight as we were in the yard working, I walked up to Whitman and heard him saying "I want my ReaRea."  Aww, I guess that he had just realized that she hasn't been here all day.  I asked him if he missed his sister and he said that he did.  We later made a video for him to send to her.
  • After we came in a showered, the kids had a drink and then it was bedtime.  My little girls are missing their sister-who is spending the night with Lilly tonight at her house.  Campbell has already said that she was scared but I think that she was just a bit lonely.

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