August 2, 2016

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  • The boys were the first ones up this morning.  I asked them if Whitman was still asleep and they said that he was still asleep but they rolled him over away from the edge of the bed before they went downstairs.  Sweet big brothers.
  • We ate our breakfast and then started on a bit of school.  We just had a few minutes for school but hopefully we got a few things accomplished that we will not have to do tomorrow.  We did do our first science experiment today and it was a bust.  We were supposed to see how quickly different materials conducted heat.  We put butter on the ends of different spoons (metal, plastic and wooden) and then set them in hot water and waited and waited and waited for the butter to melt...but it never did.  This afternoon when we came home, the butter had not yet melted.  Maybe because I was using margarine and not butter but who knows!  Maybe science is just not our thing!
  • We then did our chores and headed off to meet our buddies at the pool.  While I was at the pool, I watched some mother with 4 kids walk in.  She had bags, floatees and a gaggle of children following after her.  I looked at her and thought what in the world was she doing at the pool but then I quickly realized I was that same mom with 2 more kids! 
  • The kids do enjoy going to the pool but it still is a lot of work.  It did make it more fun today since the Heltz and the Kamps were there.  When we were all pulling out our lunches, I decided that next time we were all at the pool, we just needed to get a pizza, or two, or three!
  • We had to leave at 12:50 so we could go to Grannymom's house to drop everyone but Anderson off.  We all changed clothes and then Anderson and I left for the endodontist.  This was at least our 3rd time to go there for them to check Anderson's tooth.  So far so good and that is wonderful.  Hopefully his bike wreck won't cause any lasting effects on what is left of that tooth.
  • Then we picked up everyone but Keaton.  She was getting to spend the night at Grannymom's house tonight and she was just delighted about this.  While the kids were over, they helped her make a bed out of Grannymom's put together toys.  I think she was crazy excited about sleeping in her toy bed tonight.
  • Once we made it home, the kids helped me unload and then we worked on the piano for just a little bit.  Then they had some free time while I was on the treadmill and while Whitman slept. He had fallen asleep during the ride home and slept soundly as I put him upstairs in his new bed (and he slept soundly until I woke him up at 5:30.)
  • The kids were excited to see that Grandpa had visited while we were at the pool. He has come to install the boys new ceiling fan. Their room hadn't had one so they were thrilled to get it.
  • When Robby came home, we had leftovers for supper and then all went outside for a bit.  Robby worked on the yard some and I played a few games of 4 square. We ended the evening with a popsicle and then showers and a few minutes of Ninja Warrior on tv before bed!

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