August 4, 2016

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  • We were up a bit later this morning but still on the early side and for that I was glad.  I could always wake up earlier to exercise, eat breakfast, empty the dishwasher or fold laundry but then whatever would I do all day long?  
  • I had to wake everyone up but Graham.  He had already joined us in bed since we wouldn't let him get out his ipad.  We knew that today was going to be a bit hectic so we quickly ate breakfast and then started on school.
  • Around 8:30, workers who were doing an energy audit showed up.  They worked and worked until around 3.  I am not sure what all they did today-covered doors, covered vents, put in new weather sealing, worked on the duct work.  By the end of the day, they had our downstairs energy leakage to around 3 percent.  
  • Since there were cords, wires, ladders, duct work and workers all over the house, we thought it best that I take the kids swimming.  So after a bit of school work, we changed and then waited for the ok to open a door (didn't want to mess up one of their test.)  When I called to everyone to load up, Whitman ran over to the worker man and gave him the biggest hug ever.  Weird little kid!
  • The pool was crowded and hot! There were lots of little, little people so my kids didn't really notice the crowds since they were out in the deep end.  My Keaton is swimming pretty good these days but I still feel like i need to be out there with her so I did swim for the first hour and a half.  When I am in the pool, I have at least 2 kids hanging on me at all times-I start to feel like I am a pool toy! 
  • We had our lunch at the pool.  Our groceries were so low at the house that last night I had to borrow some peanut butter from Shannon just so we could have sandwiches.  We were out of peanut butter, meat and even sliced cheese.  Because of her donation, we were able to have a lunch at the pool.  Then we swam one more hour before heading home.
  • The kids were pretty surprised that the worker people were still there.  Everyone changed and we found them all something quiet to do (movies, ipads, snacks and Mickey mouse movies for Whitman).  Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a bit after I left.
  • I went to get my hair cut and tried to use the GPS to get there.  Robby and I had talked about where I was going (new location) and I had a pretty good idea of how to get there but I turned on my phone anyway.  When I neared 430, it wanted me to go southbound like I was going to Bryant.  I didn't think that was right so I called Tammy just to make sure.  She directed me the right way and when I did arrive, I realized that my GPS wanted me to go to the address in Benton.  
  • After I had my hair cut, I ran to Walmart and to get gas and when I make it home, Robby left with Keaton and Campbell to pick up some things at the grocery store.  They were gone for a while-long enough for me to get a few things done and even lay down beside a sleeping Whitman.  
  • When Robby made it back home, we had supper-tortellini pasta with sauce and bread and then the kids all helped us pick up the kitchen.  Robby promised them a dessert and ended up making smores in the toaster oven.  While Whitman was eating his, he said "this is just like a bologna sandwich."  Um, no it is not and I am pretty sure that he has never had a bologna sandwich.

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