August 12, 201

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  • Last night, Robby and I were sitting in the living room.  We heard something upstairs but just decided that it was the dryer up there.  We don't use it often so it sounded a bit different to us.  After a while, we realized that someone was awake up there.  We could hear footsteps but no one flushed the potty because we would have been able to hear that.  Eventually, Robby wondered aloud if it was Whitman.  I went to the steps and sure enough, down him came carrying some toys.  He asked to play but we quickly sent him back up the steps.
  • This morning, Graham was the first one awake today and Campbell and Anderson were down shortly afterwards.  I had to wake up everyone else so we could have our breakfast.  Afterwards we started on our school work and the morning was flying by.
  • I had already done a bit of today's work with everyone so my workload today was a bit easier.  I think that I had even finished working with everyone when Grannymom and Grandpa came over.
  • The kids worked some on their school work and watched Grandpa work some this morning.  My Campbell had been the most distracted this morning and she was only able to finish her work today when I reminded her that she was going to Grannymom's house to spend the night-that was all that she could think about and there was no room for math and phonics in her mind.
  • Graham had a bit of a difficult morning but did calm once I text his daddy.  Robby wrote that he would call in a minute but once Graham realized that I had text his father, he was a different child for a while.  Fast forward to 5 this afternoon, Graham walked into the kitchen and was starting to complain about his work when he looked in the living room and saw his daddy.  He immediately closed his mouth, turned around and sat back down to finally finish his work.  
  • Poor Grandpa spent most of the day working on hanging the fan that was in the girls' room.  He was moving it to the school room and could never really get it working perfectly.  He and Grannymom worked through lunch and worked away until mid afternoon.  
  • After the left, we did a few chores around here-today's big chore was organizing the toys in the girls' room.  We did half and then I released everyone to go and watch movies (except for Graham who still had school work.)
  • For supper, we headed to Chick Fil A to eat our meal.  Our dinner was going to splendidly until we looked over and Whitman was hurling all over the table. Seriously, I jumped up and tried to hid his mess.  By this time, he is screaming "clean me, clean me," Robby has gone to get napkins and someone is asking if I need drink refills.  We sent the others to play and quickly cleaned the table.  I whisked the boy to the car and changed his clothes.  
  • We assume that he wasn't sick but probably got choked on one of his fries that he was stuffing in his mouth.  But even though we thought he wasn't sick, we still couldn't let him play on the playground.  That baby was devastated-I tried to distract him but he had been waiting through his whole meal to go play.  At lest he had his balloon animal with him as we headed to the Wilson's house for ice cream.
  • We watched the Olympics and ate ice cream while visiting.  The kids all played and around 9:30, Shannon, Whitman and I headed off to pick up Layne.  I told her that I would drive so I could take Whitman in his car seat since he was getting a bit restless.  As we were back up, she told me that the house we were going in had a steep drive way.  It was too late then to switch cars but she was right.  Not only was it on a steep driveway, it was off a tiny little road with scary trees surrounding it.  It was a spooky few minutes as she was inside chatting with the girls' daddy who didn't have a shirt on (we may live in the country too, but Robby always wears a shirt.)
  • Thankfully, we made it back alive and stayed longer until it was time to leave.  When we were leaving, Whitman remembered his balloon animal.  Unfortunately, Keaton had popped it (by accident) hours before.  He was broken hearted about it and cried the entire way home.  Of course by the time we climbed out of the car, Keaton was sobbing to becuase she felt so sorry for her brother.  
  • I calmed her down and then calmed Whitman down.  They were both plumb exhausted and couldn't even think straight.  Thankfully they all went to bed calm and hopefully all of my people will sleep all night long!

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