August 5, 2016

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  • My alarm went up this morning at the right time but instead of hitting snooze, I turned the thing off.  The first thing that I knew was Anderson telling me that he had finished one page of math.  I was quickly awake and making breakfast trying to make up for my lost time.
  • We had our toast and yogurt and started on our school work.  The kids had done a bit of work yesterday and you would have thought that this would have helped them finish sooner-it didn't!  I had worked with everyone so it did help me finish my work sooner.  Anderson found every opportunity he could to play with Whitman and trust me, there were plenty of opportunities.
  • At one point, Whitman opened up a "store" like his sisters do usually.  He asked for tape so he could cut it to have a grand opening and then he gathered water bottles for the others to buy like his sisters do.  Then he asked for marshmallows.  A few minutes later, he asked for crackers and then proceeded to make "sandwiches" for everyone.  Later I realized that his sandwiches were really s'mores like Robby had made last night.  This was cute and all but gracious the rest of us were trying to finish school when all of this was happening.
  • We did stop around 10:30 this morning so we could start on our together work.  We read 2 lessons of science-even creating a creature (like God did when creating the animals) out of playdoh and then naming it (like Adam) and we began a craft project demonstrating the 7 days of creation.  
  • Then we worked on a science experiment which involved testing weather molasses or sugar would product the fluffiest bread.  For our experiment, it looks as if molasses would.  I had intended to read another lesson of science but that didn't happen.
  • Graham was anxiously awaiting Nonna and Pops to come and get him today.  He had first asked for them to come at 8 which I objected to and said 2.  Then he asked for 10 and I met him halfway at 12.  So at noon, Nonna and Pops came.  The kids were anxious to show them their art projects, science experiment and even play a few songs on the piano for them.
  • After Graham left, we had our lunch (cheese quesadillas) and then we started on our chores.  It didn't take too long to straighten up around here but Reagan did ask for me to make their beds so that did last me a while-making 6 beds is just tough!  Then we finished school work-Anderson and Reagan were the last ones to finish today.
  • We then headed to see Beebee.  We were visiting and she told me that she wanted for me to go and get her an icee.  I asked her twice if she was sure thinking that she would realize that it was 100 degrees outside, I had 5 kids with me and a plethora of places to go this afternoon.  I told the kids to stay there and I grabbed Whitman and left.  As I left, I told Reagan that I would hurry as fast as I could.
  • Whitman never once asked where we were going or why I was leaving the others with Beebee.  It didn't take too long but when I arrived back with 2 icees in hand, I asked Reagan if it seemed like I was gone for long and she said that it seemed like I was gone forever.  I don't think that the kids minded though because they spent their entire time eating out of Beebee's candy bucket (Pops: you should probably bring some candy to refill it!)
  • After we left there, we headed to drop Anderson off at Grannymom's house.  We went in for a few minutes and then ran back home for a bit.  Then it was off to drop Reagan off at a pool party for all of the 4th graders at church.  There I dropped off Campbell (for her 1st official sleep over) along with Keaton and they headed to the Heltz for the night.
  • We then headed along with Whitman to the Wilson's house for supper from the gas station.  We were there until Shannon had to take me to pick up Reagan, Alyssa Kate and Kaleigh since Robby's car was acting a bit funny (Robby and Tony did some taking apart of it and hopefully repaired it!)  
  • The girls watched some tv there and after watching quite a bit of the Olympics, we headed home.  Whitman went to bed and the girls watched a movie before going to bed (I hope-their movie still has an hour to go!)

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