August 20, 2016

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  • We were sleeping soundly until Anderson woke up both Robby and me.  He was snorting and sniffing and causing a general ruckus.  Once we woke him up to go blow his nose, he quickly realized that his nose was bleeding, or you could say gushing.  We got all of that straightened out and I even ended up moving his sleeping bag on the other side of me since Robby was no longer on the couch but on the floor.  
  • I guess that Robby looked down off of the couch and saw his wife and 6 little kids all sleeping on the floor and he remembered fondly all of the nights he used to sleep on the floor and he did not want to be left out.  Before we had kids, we would sleep on the floor at least 1 night every week but now we have given up on that.  This morning when Graham saw Robby on the floor, he said, "did you fall off the couch?"
  • I am not sure exactly when I heard Whitman in the middle of the night.  I heard him walk into the wall and then heard Reagan say, "ow."  The baby had woken up and not knowing where he was stood up and started to walk.  He first walked into the wall and then turned another way and kerplunk, fell right on top of Reagan.  By this time, I was awake and told him to come to me.  That wasn't the best of ideas since Robby and 4 other kids were inbetween him and me.  I played "kid landmine" and tiptoed over everyone to grab him.  Then I laid him by me and soon we were both sound asleep.
  • At 6:40, Anderson woke me up to tell me that it was 6:40.  This was information that I did not need to know.  He asked if we could go downstairs to which I told him no.  He then looked at me and said, "but we have already missed breakfast."  I guess someone kidded that breakfast would be at 6 and Anderson had taken them seriously.  We made everyone stay still for a bit longer and then released the troops to go downstairs.
  • Les and Shelley were hard at work on breakfast and soon we were digging in-waffles, sausage, bacon and eggs.  Everyone ate and then some kiddos played on their ipads and some of us watched the Jungle Book movie.  It was really good (the new one, not the cartoon) but I sure could have fallen back asleep on that couch if the kids hadn't noticed that it was no longer raining and the sun was almost out.
  • Within minutes, people were running through the house with their bathing suits on and jumping into the pool.  They all swam for a good while.  Of course the kids had lots of races and even "fished" with the pool noodles.  Right before it started raining again, the kids started to trickle out of the pool.  After changing clothes, they played their ipads some more while Robby and I ran to the Dollar Tree to pick up some trash cans for the car.
  • When we came back, Les had grilled burgers for lunch so we ate again.  Not too long afterwards, we did have to load up and head back home.  My kids were super disappointed that we couldn't stay longer.  They could have spent another night or two for sure.  
  • We had little rain on the way home and didn't even stop one time-probably because the kids were tired and distracted.  At Grannymom's house, we jumped out and pottied before loading back up to run a few errands.  I ran into Walmart to buy Graham some socks and ended up coming out with socks that would probably be too small for Whitman.  (So I will have to return those and find him another pair.)  Then Robby ran into our Dollar Tree to pick up a few more items.  
  • Then it was off to Cash's 10th birthday party at Altitude.  He had lots of friends there and lots of cousins (us) there.  The kids loved jumping and could have jumped for another few hours.  After having pizza, they played a dodge ball game with just kids from his party.  The first game was won by Reagan and Anderson won the second game (or at least they were on the winning teams).  Keaton was also on Reagan's team and was only gotten out on the last of 3 rounds.  And don't think that my girls have much dodgeball skills-they just stood in the back until all of the boys were out.
  • After the game, we sand Happy Birthday to Cash and had a cookie cake.  Then the party was over and we headed home.  The kids helped us unpack-though it is strange how people never seem to need to go to the bathroom except when it was time to work and it is also strange how no one seemed tired while jumping at Alitutude but hearing me ask them to take something to the bonus room made them want to lay down in the garage floor.  We still managed to get everything put away and in the wash.
  • Then it was shower time followed by bedtime for my people.  Reagan did sneak her book and started to read (fine with us as long as she doesn't cause a problem) but the others were probably sound asleep very fast!

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