August 9. 2016

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  • The boys asked to play their ipads this morning before the rest of us were out of bed.  I let them and even though they put them away just when asked, I probably should have made them go ahead and start on their school work since they fooled around pretty much all morning long and weren't finish by the afternoon.  (That just means school work on their off day tomorrow.)
  • We had panckaes for breakfast and then shortly started on school.  Reagan flew through her work today and so did I.  This was the first day that I was able to work with everyone (except Keaton) before lunch.  I was pretty happy with this but know that it was a fluke and still plan to finish at 1-2 each afternoon.
  • At 11, the boys were still spending more time fooling around then working so we went ahead and did our together work.  We did 2 lessons of our science (need to do 3 per week) and 1 of history (also needing to do 3 per week.) While I worked on lunch, the kids worked on cleaning up today's school time disaster-Whitman had helped himself to the cheerios and had spread them throughout the house.
  • At 1, the kids started working on their chores and my, my, my, I had some boys that needed an immediate meeting with their father but I didn't feel like driving downtown so I just ignored them and gave them a "very disappointed in your behavior speech in the car."  My Reagan didn't even noticed the boys' foolishness because she was busy showering and packing for her trip to Branson to help celebrate Lilly's birthday.
  • We dropped Reagan off and then headed to the pool for a few hours.  The kids had some buddies there so they were happily playing.  But when the friends left, my boys were ready to go home.  I don't know if they were bored, tired or thinking about their school work they still had to finish.
  • But luckily for them, a few minutes after getting home Brett came over and they were released from their work and went to playing.  The kids played and when Robby came home, we made waffles and ate our supper.  After supper, the kids played some more and I eventually turned on the Olympics and there we all set until after 10.  
  • The Wilson's came over so they could use our washing machine and dryer.  Tonight they brought ice cream to compensate for their energy usage.  After we had cheered on the USA as much as we could, we put our babies in bed and went to bed ourselves!

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